WWII ID Quiz Key Terms

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  1. Blitzkrieg
    • “lightning war”, sudden German attack that hit Poland and introduced a new style of warfare
    • emphasized the use of speed and firepower to penetrate deep into the enemy’s territory
  2. Maginot Lines
    • Built before WWII, French defenses along the German border
    • Gave the French a false sense of security, ill prepared to deal with changes in weapons and tactics after WWI
  3. Atlantic Charter
    • Document that endorsed national self-determination and an international system of “general security”
    • The signing of this signaled the depending alliance between Britain and the US
  4. Appeasement
    • Policy of granting concessions to a potential enemy in order to maintain peace
    • Instead, spurred the fascist leaders to become more bold, adventurous, and aggressive
  5. Munich Conference
    • British and French appeasement to Germany, permitting Nazi Germany’s annexation of the Sudetenland in hopes to preserve the peace
    • It allows Hitler to invade the Sudetenland, shows that appeasement failed
  6. Nazi-Soviet Non-Aggression Pact
    • Agreement between Hitler and Stalin for Germany and Russia to secretly divide up Poland and not attack each other
    • Once Hitler invades Poland, the British and the French declare war on Germany, WWII begins
  7. Attack on Pearl Harbor
    • Japanese mission to remove the US naval base in Pearl Harbor, Hawaii with a surprise attack 
    • Prompted the US to enter the war
  8. Winston Churchill
    • British prime minister during WWII
    • Powerful leader, his words stirred his nation as it readied itself for war, led the British fight against Nazi Germany and helped lead Allies to victory
  9. Hideki Tojo
    • Japanese prime minister who focused intently on military expansion but sought to keep the US neutral
    • Staged the attack on Pearl Harbor
  10. Neville Chamberlain
    • British prime minister before WWII who met with Hitler at the Munich Conference
    • Known for his failed policy of appeasement to Germany
  11. Douglas MacArthur
    • American general who commanded the Southwest Pacific in the war
    • Helped lead the Allies to victory over Japan
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