TEST 3 Part 1

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  1. what function in respiration does the nose have?
    to clean, warm and moisten the air
  2. bony structures in the nose that increase the surface are of the mucus membrane are called _____.
    nasal conchae (shell)
  3. the immune system in the pharynx that fight bacteria and viruses are called ______.
  4. the opening of the airway is called ______.
    the glottis
  5. two movable folds protect the glottis. they are ______.
    vestibular folds (keep out food ) and vocal folds
  6. a flap above the glottis also protects the airway. this is the _____.
  7. the large cartilage that forms the superior portion of the larynx is the _____.
    thyroid cartilage
  8. the tube that connects the larynx to the lungs is the ______.
  9. the trachea contains incomplete rings of cartilage to hold it open. why are they necessary?
    without them, the trachea would collapse during inhalation
  10. the air tubes that go from the trachea into each lung are the ______.
    main stem bronchi (pulmonary artery, sympathetic nerves)
  11. the major divisions of the lung are called _____.
    • lobes-
    • 3 on the right
    • 2 on the left
  12. what are the linings of the lungs?
    • a doubled serous membrane called the pleura
    • the outer side is called the parietal pleura and is fixed to the inner side of the chest wall
    • the inner side is the visceral pleura and is fixed to the outer surface of the lung
    • the space between them is the pleural spaced is filled with a small film of water
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