Final Jeopardy Seasons 15 and 16

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  1. The 2 U.S. presidents who died at the youngest ages, 82 years apart
    Kennedy & Garfield
  2. With only 49, this state's government has the fewest legislators
  3. In 1999 several counties around Cape Canaveral, Florida were assigned this new telephone area code
  4. The name of this vitamin is from the Latin for "leaf" because leafy green vegetables are a good source
    Folic acid
  5. FDR called it the Sacred Cow; for Truman it was Independence; for Eisenhower, the Columbine; & from JFK on, this
    Air Force One
  6. In billing order, this quartet's members were born in Los Angeles, Dallas, Blackpool & Toronto
  7. This Asian herb of the family Pedaliaceae is closely associated with a poor woodcutter in the "Arabian Nights"
  8. "Reaching for the Note" was the subtitle of a 1998 film about this American music legend who died in 1990
    Leonard Bernstein
  9. Chartered in 1781, it's the only state capital named for a French city
  10. This word well known to sculpture lovers can be translated as "mercy" or "compassion"
  11. The 2 Roman emperors during the time that Jesus Christ walked the Earth
    August Caesar, Tiberius
  12. This member of William & Mary's Class of 1762 founded a univ. that opened in 1825, one year before his death
    Tom Jefferson
  13. This book begins, "All states and dominions which hold or have held mankind are either republics or monarchies"
    The Prince
  14. This office supply product caught on in the Depression because it made worn & tattered items last longer
    Scotch Tape
  15. John Paul II has eliminated this position whose duty was to present arguments against sainthood
    Devil?s advocate
  16. This 800-mile-long feature was discovered & named by Andrew Lawson
    San Andrea?s Fault
  17. Its face was modeled after the features of Auguste-Charlotte Bartholdi
    Statue of Liberty
  18. In 1956 Johnson Wax introduced Raid & this brand that got a Potpourri Country Garden version in 1989
  19. One story says this point was so named becuase it was a positive sign of a sea route from Europe to India
    Cape of Good Hope
  20. In 1608 its inventor offered it exclusively to the Dutch government for military use
  21. Starting in 1984, he's played the same character continuously on 2 primetime shows over the last 15 seasons
    Kelsey Grammer
  22. The book of Jonah is quoted before Chapter One of this 1851 novel
    Moby Dick
  23. This animal's name is from Bantu for "mock man"
  24. At 3,600 square miles, it's the largest island in the Mediterranean where Italian is not an official language
  25. McDonald's' 2 most successful promotional campaigns both involved these Happy Meal toys
    Beany babies
  26. While making a torsion meter, an engineer got the idea for this classic toy
  27. 2 of the 3 successive presidents who were Republicans, born in Ohio & generals in the Union army
    Grant, Hayes, Garfield
  28. Partly from Greek for "song", they began as plays with music, then acquired sensational plots
  29. A species of mammal is named for this appropriate site of Russia's first American settlement
    Kodiak Bear
  30. By September 1985 "A.M. Chicago" had been expanded to an hour & became this show; it's still on
    Oprah Winfrey Show
  31. Now with over a hundred chapters, the March of Dimes was first established by this president
  32. In 1927 Cedric Gibbons designed this award that he went on to win 11 times
    Oscars Academy
  33. This children's story begins with a young farm girl saying to her mother, "Where's Papa going with that ax?"
    Charlottes web
  34. This 1904 Radcliffe graduate was a suffragist, political activist, Vaudeville performer & writer
    Helen keller
  35. This city was once known as Dong Kinh & to Europeans as Tonquin
  36. Its museums include the Borgia Apartments, the Etruscan Museum & the Raphael Rooms
    The Vatican
  37. In Solomon's reign, she filled the new post of "queen mother"
  38. The name of this Asian country contains the name of a Mediterranean volcano
  39. One of the two Whig Party presidents who did not die in office
    Millard Fillmore or John Tyler
  40. It means "relating to the motion of projectiles", or "very angry"
  41. It's the longest-running prime time sports show in the history of network television
  42. The name "Beatles" was inspired by the backup group of this singer
    Buddy Holly (The Crickets)
  43. Once luring men to danger, now one warns of it
  44. In 1929 William Dreyer & Joseph Edy created this ice cream flavor, named in part to reflect the times ahead
    Rocky Road
  45. It's the only continent with no active volcanoes
  46. The U.S. investigation into the Titanic was first held in this hotel owned by one of the victims
    Waldorf Astoria
  47. In 1973, TIME Magazine blended 2 words to coin this term they gave to Rex Humbard as a job title
  48. Its formula is C27H46O & its name is from Greek for "solid bile"
  49. He was the proprietor of the "classical and geological hippodrome" that became Madison Square Garden
    P.T. Barnum
  50. On Dec. 20, 1989 President Bush sent about 10,000 troops into this country as part of Operation Just Cause
    Panama Canal
  51. Mainz, Germany celebrates the life of this inventor in an annual festival called Johannisnacht
    Johannes Gutenberg
  52. The titles of the state songs of Kansas & Kentucky both contain this word
  53. In 1944 Smokey Bear replaced this Disney character as the symbol of the U.S. Forest Service
  54. In the early 1800s, this man's empire included the duchy of Warsaw, the kingdom of Naples & Spain
  55. In the end this Dickens character says, "I will honor Christmas in my heart, and try to keep it all the year"
  56. It's reported that on this date King George III wrote in his diary, "Nothing of importance happened today"
  57. Its former mayor William Hartsfield dubbed it the city "Too Busy to Hate"
  58. This term for a rock genre came into popular usage from a line in Steppenwolf's "Born to Be Wild"
    Heavy Metal
  59. He began his political career by defeating Jerry Voorhis in 1946 for a California house seat
  60. This type of tree that includes the pecan is common in the eastern U.S., is noted for toughness & can live to 300
  61. This fast food magnate subtitled his 1991 autobiography "A New Approach to Old-Fashioned Success"
    Dave Thomas
  62. This politician died on June 3, 1861, 39 days after giving a speech in Springfield, Illinois supporting the Union
    Steven Douglas
  63. In April 1999 Paul Simon took center field for the dedication of a monument to this man
    Joe Dimaggio
  64. John Cleveland defined it as "Nature's Confectioner"
  65. Of the 7 men pictured on the front of currently printed U.S. currency, the 3 who never lived in the White House
    Benjamin Franklin, Alexander Hamilton & George Washington
  66. Debuting November 18, 1985, the caption in its first box was "So long, Pop! I'm off to check my tiger trap!"
    Calvin and Hobbs
  67. On January 12, 1998 19 European nations endorsed the first international ban of this practice on humans
  68. 1 of only 2 actors who directed themselves to a Best Acting Oscar
    Roberto Benigni ("Life Is Beautiful") & Sir Laurence Olivier ("Hamlet")
  69. The title of this women's magazine that turned 60 in 1999 used to end with "Of Hollywood"
  70. Stopped by a cop on a bike, in 1896 Walter Arnold was the first man in England to receive a fine for this
  71. On hearing of the discovery of George Mallory's body, this man told reporters he still thinks he was first
    Sir Edmund Hillary
  72. The seal of this cabinet department has an anvil on it
    Department of Labor
  73. This capital's name is from the Greek for "Three Towns"
  74. His "Fictional Memoir" about his last African safari was published in 1999, 38 years after his death
  75. In 1672 Christiaan Huygens sketched its southern ice cap
  76. In Scandinavian countries these characters are known as Pif, Paf & Pof
    Snap crackle pop
  77. Common name given Douglas Engelbart's device, an "X-Y position indicator for a display system"
  78. Towns in this country include Marshall & Tubmanburg
  79. This lake is the remnant of former Lake Bonneville, which existed during the Pleistocene epoch
    Great Salt Lake
  80. He's the only president of the United States who had been divorced
    Ronald Reagan
  81. Over 90% of the sculpting on Mount Rushmore was done with this
  82. Its first issue was intended to be read on sabbath day, August 5, 1821
    Saturday Evening Post
  83. The 2 states which have "Waltz" in the title of their state songs
    Tennessee Missouri
  84. It's the only state whose name & capital city both consist of 2 words
    Sante Fe NM
  85. Around 59 B.C. the Romans settled what is now this city, & gave it a Latin name that means "blossoming"
  86. Utah changed one letter in "Greatest Show on Earth" to produce this phrase on its license plates
    Greatest Snow on Earth
  87. Pope Clement VIII said of this beverage around 1600, "We shall cheat Satan" by baptizing it as a Christian beverage
  88. Name shared by a British film company & an American who made millions in oil & pharmaceuticals
    Hammer (Hammer Films/Armand Hammer)
  89. This politician adopted his last name from a southern California beach & surfing community
    Jesse Ventura
  90. Of the 6 official languages of the United Nations, the one spoken by the fewest people worldwide
  91. Looking at kids' art, he said at "Their age I could draw like Raphael, but it took me a lifetime to learn to draw like them"
    Pablo Picasso
  92. A change of procedure in 1979 led to 3 of these being named Bob, David & Frederic
  93. He was named after Japanese beef
    Kobe Bryant
  94. In 1999 this state acquired the rights to use John Denver's "Take Me Home, Country Roads" to promote tourism
  95. First published in 1946, a book written by this man became the bestselling book in the U.S. after the Bible
    Dr. Benjamin Spock ("Baby and Child Care")
  96. A plaque in Monument Park honors this ex-"Cardinal" for a 1979 event held at the stadium
    John Paul II
  97. In his 1984 novel "Neuromancer", William Gibson coined this 10-letter term for a virtual reality computer network
  98. On Dec. 7, 1995 this state officially renamed its portion of Interstate 10 as the Pearl Harbor Memorial Highway
  99. FDR's in 1982 was the last stamp to show 1 of these; they were removed from photos of Jackson Pollock & Edward R. Murrow
  100. In area, it's the largest country that does not belong to the United Nations
  101. Its name is from Gaelic for "water of life"
  102. The Federal Reserve System was founded partly in response to his March 31, 1913 death
    JP Morgan
  103. To honor his work, this man's daughter took the name Maria Celeste when she became a nun in 1616
  104. The land closest to zero longitude, zero latitude & zero altitude, Cape Three Points is found on this continent
  105. In response to anti-tobacco protests, this toy gave up its attachable pipe in 1987
    Mr Potato Head
  106. The 2 mammals that live at the highest altitude on a permanent basis are the pika & this animal
  107. Its final scene includes the line "I do wish we could chat longer, but I'm having an old friend for dinner"
    Silence of the lambs
  108. This city's flag shows 2 rivers joining behind a fleur-de-lis
    St Louis
  109. The only person named Oscar to win an Oscar, he won twice
  110. 1 of the 2 original colonies whose names came from American Indian words
    CT MA
  111. This U.S. firm is the world's largest processor of tomatoes
  112. This synthetic material is named for the sports venue where it was installed in 1966
  113. Born in 1980, this world champion figure skater was named for a Beatles hit
    Michelle Kwan
  114. After his 1955 death, his papers were given to Jerusalem's Hebrew Univ. & his violin was left to his grandson
  115. The title of this novella that won the 1953 Pulitzer Prize consists of 6 words, each of which is 3 letters long
    The Old Man and the sea
  116. This middle name of a famous composer means "beloved by God"
  117. Winner of the 1999 Nobel Peace Prize, this group once used the slogan "We Have Two Billion People in our Waiting Room"
    Doctors without Borders
  118. Immigrating to the U.S. at age 17, he cooked at the Plaza in New York & catered Pres. Wilson's wedding reception in 1915
    Chef Boyardi
  119. 3 of the 4 states whose names come from the first names of European kings
    Georgia, Louisiana, and N/S Carolina
  120. This, the largest sculpture in the United States, is not located in South Dakota
    Stone MT
  121. This '70s character was given his last name because he talked ignorant nonsense
    Archie Bunker
  122. 1 of the 2 women who've appeared the most on the cover of Time Magazine, they're separated by 2,000 years
    Princess Di and Virgin Mary
  123. It's Asia's southernmost national capital
    Jakarta, Indonesia
  124. According to the King James Version of the Bible, the number of people on Noah's Ark
  125. With one of each of the Treasury's currently produced denominations, you'd have this much money
  126. Coined by the chemist J.B. van Helmont, the word gas comes from this Greek word meaning "unformed mass"
  127. The delivery system for Ban deodorant, introduced in 1955, was based on this invention, patented in 1938
    Ball point pen
  128. Founded in 1840, this city is the world's southernmost national capital
    Wellington, New Zealand
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