N257 Week 5

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  1. What is the term for the area of concern, the gap in knowledge that is needed for practice and needs to be studied?
    research problem
  2. What is the term for the clear, concise statement regarding what will be studied relevant to the problem and is the goal, aim, focus, or objective of study?
    purpose statement
  3. What is the term for the summary of current empirical (scientific) and theoretical knowledge about particular practice problem that provides a basis for the study conducted?
    literature review
  4. What does the literature review include?
    • description of current knowledge base
    • gaps in knowledge base
    • contribution of present study to knowledge base
  5. What is the term for declarative statements that focus on identification and description of variables or concepts and sometimes on determination of relationship of variables?
    research objectives
  6. What is the term for questions that focus on what variables or concepts are to be described and what relationships might exist among them?
    research questions
  7. What is the term for a prediction about the future that is tested via the research process?
  8. What type of hypothesis contains two variables?
    simple hypothesis
  9. What type of hypothesis contains more than two variables?
    complex hypothesis
  10. What type of hypothesis states that a relationship exists between variables, but the hypothesis does not predict the nature of the relationship?
    nondirectional hypothesis
  11. What type of hypothesis includes the nature of interaction between two or more variables?
    directional hypothesis
  12. What type of hypothesis looks at relationships between variables?
    associative hypothesis
  13. What type of hypothesis states a cause-and-effect relationship between variables?
    causal hypothesis
  14. What type of hypothesis states that there is no difference or relationship between variables and is also called a statistical hypothesis?
    null hypothesis
  15. What is the term for qualities, properties, or characteristics of people, things, or situations that are manipulated or measured in research?
  16. What type of variables are used in descriptive designs?
    research variables
  17. What type of variable is the qualities, properties, or characteristics identified in the research purpose, objectives, or questions that are observed or measured in a study? Used when the intent is to observe or measure variables as they exist in a natural setting with no manipulation
    research variable
  18. What type of variable is an uncontrolled variable relating to the setting?
    environmental variable
  19. What is the term for the abstract meaning of a variable that usually is based on theory?
    conceptual definition
  20. What is the term for the way of defining a variable that makes it measurable or manipulable in the real world?
    operational definition
  21. What type of variable contains sample characteristics of subjects and may include age, education, gender, ethnic origin, income, medical diagnosis, etc?
    demographic variable
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