Chemistry Chapter 6

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  1. octet rule
    being like noble gas
  2. Lewis structure for covalent bonds (not ionic)
  3. ionic bonds
    Image Upload
  4. covalent bonds
    nonpolar and polar
  5. nonpolar
    • equal or most equal sharing of electrons 
    • X - Y
  6. polar
    • unequal sharing of electrons with slight separation of charge 
    • Image Upload
  7. Electronegativity (EN)
    ability of an atom to attract shared electrons in a bond 

    • Trend L to R ↑
    •          Bottom to Top ↑
  8. Polar bonds have...
    Dipole moment
  9. Dipole Moment
    • (μ)
    • shift in electron density 

    H -- Cl 

    • ------>
    • +      -

    arrow where more electronegative
  10. Which atom is usually the central atom?
    usually least electronegative BUT hydrogen is NEVER the centre
  11. notes about lewis structures
    • distribute remaining electrons on OUTSIDE first to give an octet then work way inside 
    • and if central doesn't have octet... make that shit work somehow with double and triple and quad bonds
  12. Formal Charge
    NOT actual charge, just a way to track electrons
  13. For lewis structure electrons
    • 1. All nonbinding electrons
    • 2. Half of bonding electrons 

    basically bonds count as one and each free electron also counts as one
  14. if more than one possible structure...
    • 1. choose structure when sum of charge = charge on molecule 
    • 2. choose struture with small formal charges (0, +/- 1) not +/- 2, +/- 3 etc 
    • 3. choose structures when most EN atom has a negative formal charge
  15. Resonance Stuctures
    More than one way to draw a lewis structure that is correct

    don't for get to add <---> thingy
  16. Exceptions to the Octet Rule
    • Incomplete Octet
    • exception: H needs 2; B needs 6; Be needs 4

    • Odd number of Valence
    • ie Nitrogen 

    • Expanded Octet 
    • ie SF6
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