N257 Week 7

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  1. What type of clinical question includes general information about a clinical issue, are broad in scope, and textbooks are the best scope to answer them?
    background question
  2. What type of clinical question focuses on diagnosing, treating, and assisting, looking for new scientific evidence, and journal articles are the best source to answer them?
    foreground question
  3. What is the purpose of a PICOT question?
    • to answer foreground question
    • to guide literature search
  4. What does the P in PICOT stand for?
    Patient population/health issue
  5. What does the I in PICOT stand for?
    Intervention or issue of interest
  6. What does the C in PICOT stand for?
  7. What does the O in PICOT stand for?
  8. What does the T in PICOT stand for?
    Time frame
  9. What are the five types of PICOT questions?
    • intervention
    • diagnosis
    • prognosis/prediction
    • etiology
    • meaning
  10. What is Level 1?
    • Systematic review & meta-analysis of randomized controlled trials; clinical guidelines
    • based on systematic reviews or meta-analyses
  11. What is Level 2?
    Single randomized controlled trials (RCT)
  12. What is Level 3?
    Controlled trial (no randomization)
  13. What is Level 4?
    Case-control or cohort study
  14. What is Level 5?
    Systematic review of descriptive and qualitative studies
  15. What is Level 6?
    Single descriptive or qualitative study
  16. What is Level 7?
    Opinions of authorities and/or reports of expert committees
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