N257 Week 9

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  1. What is the term for the difference between the population mean and the mean of the sample?
    sampling variation (error)
  2. What is the term for the expected difference in values that occurs when different subjects from same sample are examined?
    random variation
  3. What is the term for the consequence of selecting subjects whose measurement values differ in some way from those of the population?
    systematic variation (systematic bias)
  4. What type of sampling always involves randomization, assure representativeness, and everyone has equal chance of being selected?
    probability sampling
  5. What type of sampling involves randomly choosing the sample? Can use table of random numbers or draw names out of hat
    simple random sampling
  6. What type of sampling ensures all levels of identified variables are adequately represented in the sample?
    stratified random sampling
  7. What type of sampling is a randomized sample of geographic areas meeting the eligibility criteria and is used to obtain a geographically diverse sample?
    cluster sampling
  8. What type of sampling is when you select every kth individual on the list, starting randomly?
    systematic sampling
  9. What type of sampling includes whomever is available and willing to give consent?
    convenience sampling
  10. What type of sampling uses convenience sampling, but with a strategy to ensure inclusion of subject types who are likely to be underrepresented in the convenience sample?
    quota sampling
  11. What type of sampling involves efforts being made to include typical or atypical subjects and sampling is based on the researcher's judgment (which people will give them good information)?
    purposive sampling
  12. What types of nonprobability sampling approaches are used in quantitative research?
    • convenience sampling
    • quota sampling
  13. What types of nonprobability sampling approaches are used in qualitative research?
    • purposive
    • network/snowball
    • theoretical
  14. What type of sampling involves taking advantage of social networks to get the sample? One person in the sample asks another to join the sample and so on
    network/snowball sampling
  15. What type of sampling is used in grounded theory research and data is gathered from any individual or group that can provide relevant data for theory generation?
    theoretical sampling
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