CCS Prep- Anatomy

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CCS Prep- Anatomy
2015-03-14 11:21:52
Anatomy Pathophysiology CCSPREP

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  1. HRT
    Hormone replacement Therapy
  2. What is Prolonged Pregnancy
    Pregnancy that is advanced beyond 42 weeks
  3. PPS
    • Post Polio Syndrome
    • Continued muscle and joint weakness
    • muscle pain that gets worse
    • becoming easily exhausted or fatigued
    • muscle wasting/atrophy
    • sleep apnea
    • becoming easily cold
  4. 3 Types of Polio
    1. Type I - Brunhilde (most often isolated from paralytic cases.

    2. Type II - Lansing (least common in paralytic cases)

    3. Type III - Leon (2nd most common)
  5. AFP Marker
    Alpha Fetoprotein - marker commonly linked to liver Ca
  6. CEA Test
    • Carcinoembryonic Antigen Test
    • cancer test
    • is protein linked to colorectal Ca
    • Tumor Marker
    • Cannot dx, only used to track cancer after innitial dx.
    • False reading are possible due to chemo treatments
  7. Parasympathetic nervous system responsibility:
    • Inhibits or opposes the physiologic effects of the sympathetic nervous system.
    • Part of the Autonomic Nervous System
  8. Troponin I
    test used as a marker for an AMI
  9. AMI
    Acute Myocardial Infarction
  10. Limbic System
    • Set of evolutionarily primitive brain structures located at the top of the brain stem.
    • Involved in many of our emotions and motivations esp. related to survival.

    Includes: hypothalmus, thalmus, amygdala, hippocampous, limic cortex, pituitary gland
  11. Compound Fracture
    Fracture that breaks through the skin