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  1. solid dosage form usually prepare with the aid of a suitable pharmaceutical excipients
  2. 3 basic methods of tablets
    • wet granulation
    • dry granulation
    • direct compression
  3. widely employed method for production of compressed tablet
    wet granulation
  4. 7 steps in wet granulation
    • weighing and blending ingredients
    • prepare the dampened mass
    • screening mass into pellets or granules
    • drying the granulation
    • dry screening
    • lubrication
    • compression
  5. equipments that prepare the granules
  6. continuous fluid bed process is the process of granulation used, using a single piece of equipemnt, the fluid bed granulator
    all in one granulation
  7. molder in making molded tablet is made up of
    hard rubber, hard plastic and metal
  8. 2 parts of molder
    • upper - die portion
    • lower - flat punches
  9. pleasant tasting tablets formulated to designate smoothly in the mouth
    chewable tablets
  10. is a white crystalline hexahydric alcohol that is 70% as sweet as sucrose
  11. uses of coated tablet
    • for protection
    • mask taste
    • special characteristic
    • distinction from other products
  12. process in making sugar coated tablets
    • waterproofing or sealing
    • subcoating
    • smoothing and final
    • finishing and coloring
    • polishing
  13. differentiate debossed, embossed and engraved
    debossed - imprinted with a mark below the surface

    embossed - imprinted with a mark above the surface

    engraved - imprinted wit a code that is cut into the surface
  14. places a thin, skintight coating of a plastic like material over the compressed tablet
    film coating process
  15. types of film coating
    • immediate release
    • modified release
  16. 3 reasons of film coating
    • protect stomach from drug
    • protect drug from stomach
    • release drug after the stomach
  17. in what pH does the enteric coated tablet be dissolved in the intestinw
    pH 4.8
  18. materials used in enteric coating
    • shellac
    • hydroxypropyl methylcellulose phthalate
    • polyvinyl acetate phthalate
    • diethyl phthtale
  19. is spray coating of powders, granules, bead, pellets or tablets held in suspension by a column of air
    fluid bed coating
  20. other name of bottom spray method
    wurster process
  21. technique used for layering coatings and for sustained release and enteric coated products
    tangential spray technique
  22. agents used to increase spreadability
  23. agents used for flexibility and elasticity
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