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  1. word capsule is derived from the Latin word “”
    meaning “.”
  2. produces the oval-shaped capsules in the hope of covering up unpleasant taste of the pure turpentine he prescribed for people suffering from gout.
    De Pauli
  3. pharmacy students that continued to work on improving the gelatin capsule
    Joseph Gerard, Auguste Dublanc, and Francois Achille Barnabe Mothes
  4. was the first to suggest two-piece capsules during 1846. He produced the capsules by dipping silver-coated metal pins into a gelatin solution and then drying them.
    Jules Cesar Lehuby
  5. succeeded in designing a machine which simultaneously manufactured two bodies and caps and filled them together to form a hard gelatin capsules.
    Arthur Colton
  6. are solid dosage form in which the drug
    substance or medicinal agents are enclosed
    in a small shell made of gelatin to produce a dosage mainly for oral use.
  7. Obtained by the partial hydrolysis of collagen obtained from the skin, white connective
    tissue, and bones of animals
  8. types of capsules
    • hard gelatin capsules
    • soft gelatin capsules
  9. hard gelatin capsules are also known as
    dry filled capsules DFC
  10. Are made of gelatin to which glycerin or a polyhydric alcohol such as sorbitol has been added.
    soft gelatin capsules
  11. Liquids that may be encapsulated into soft gelatin capsules include the following:
    • 1.Water-immiscible volatile and nonvolatile liquid
    • 2.Water-miscible nonvolatile liquids
  12. ways in counting capsules
    • sanitary counting trays
    • computer-based automated dispensing systems
  13. advantages of capsules
    • stable
    • accurate dosage is available
    • easy to administer
    • mask unpleasant taste
    • control release of drug
    • different particle size of a drug
    • acceptable to patients
  14. disadvantages of capsules
    • difficult to swallow
    • unsuitable for very young children
    • srtrict religious belief may object to the use of animal gelatine
    • may moist
  15. a noninvasive procedure that entails the use of a gamma ray-emitting radiotracer incorporated into the formulation with a gamma camera copled a data recording system
    gamma scintigraphy
  16. use of pH snsitive nondigestible radiotelemetric device with an approximate size of no. 0 gelatin capsule
    • heidelberg capsule or
    • pH gastrogram
  17. compendial requirements of capsules
    • added substances
    • container for dispensing
    • disintegration test
    • dissolution test
    • weigh variation/content uniformity
    • stability testing
    • moisture permeation test
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