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  1. is a dispersed phase system in which very fine solid drug particles or liquid droplets get dispersed in the propellant which acts as continuous phase
  2. advantages of aerosols
    • no contamination
    • easy and convenient to apply
    • faster onset of action
    • no direct contact with medicaments due to closed packaging
    • sterile
    • release contents in controlled or uniformly
    • containers protect the photosensitive medicaments
  3. disadvantages of aerosols
    • cost effective
    • difficult to dispose
    • can irritate skin
    • may explode and flammable
    • repeated use may cause carcinotoxic
  4. components of aerosols
    • propellant
    • container
    • valve
  5. responsible for developing proper pressure within the container
  6. must be able to withstand pressures as high as 180 psig at 130 F
  7. capable of delivering the content in the desired form
  8. 2 types of propellant
    • liquified gas propellant
    • compressed gas propellant
  9. examples of metal container
    • tin plated steel
    • aluminum
    • stainless steel
  10. examples of glass container
    • uncoated glass
    • plastic coated glass
  11. 2 types of valve
    • continuous spray valve
    • metering valve
  12. valve assembly consists of
    • actuator
    • stem
    • gasket
    • spring
    • mounting cup
    • housing
    • dip tube
  13. the button the user presses to activate the valve assembly for emission of the product
  14. delivers the formulation in the proper form to the chamber of the actuator
  15. prevents leakage of the formulation when the valve is closed
  16. the mechanism by which the actuator retracts when pressure is released, returning the valve to the closed position
  17. holds the valve in place
    mounting cup
  18. links the dip tube and the stem and actuator
  19. brings the formulation from the container to the valve
    dip tube
  20. types of actuator
    • spray
    • foam
    • solid stream
    • special
  21. consists of the lquid phase, containing the liquified propellant and product concentrate and the vapor phase
    two phase system
  22. consists of a layer of water immiscible liquid propellant, a layer of highly aqueous product concentrate and the vapor phase
    three phase system
  23. the pressure of the compressed gas in the head space of the aerosol container forces the product concentrate up the dip tube and ot of the valve
    compressed gas system
  24. two types of filling operation
    • cold filling
    • pressure filling
  25. requires the chilling of all components including concentrate and propellant to a temperature of -30 to 40F
    cold filling
  26. drug is either dissolved or suspended in a liquid propellant mixture together with other excipients and presented in a pressurized canister filled with a metering valve
    metered dose inhaler
  27. advantages of Metered Dose Inhaler
    • disposability
    • portable
    • low cost
  28. a drug delivery device used to administer medication in the form of a mist inhaled into the lungs
  29. other name of nebulizer
  30. are commonly used in patients in the hospitals who have difficulty using inhalers
    jet nebulizer
  31. consists of active, very potent drugs that are dispensed from a specially designed package
    dry powders
  32. dosage form of choice for deivery of drugs to the lungs
    metered dose inhaler
  33. used for symptomatic treatment of asthma
    oral aerosol
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