aqueous solution

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  1. liquid preparation that contains one or more chemical substances dissolved in a suitable solvents or mixture of mutually miscible solvents
  2. advantages of solutions
    • easy to swallow
    • faster therapeutic response
    • uniform distribution¬†
    • reduced irritation in gastric mucosa
  3. disadvantages of solution
    • bulky
    • breakable
    • poor stability
    • microbial contamination
    • in accurate dosing
    • difficult to mask bitter taste of some drugs
  4. advantages of aromatic water
    • can be used as viscosity imparting agent
    • can mask bad odor of medicated solution
  5. disadvantages of aromatic water
    • can alter the pH of the solution which may cause drug degradation
    • sometimes incompatible with the medication
  6. advantage of douches
    used for recovering various vaginal irrigative diseases
  7. disadvantage of douches
    • it interferes with both the vagina's normal self cleaning and with the natural bacterial culture of the vagina
    • may spread or introduce infections
  8. advantage of enema
    can bypass the first pass effect
  9. disadvantage of enema
    improper administration can cause electrolyte imbalance or ruptures to the bowel or rectal tissues resulting in internal bleeding
  10. advantages of gargles
    used in treatment of throat infection
  11. gargle contains the antibiotic ______
  12. advantages of mouthwash
    • can boost oral health
    • prevent plaque from building up
    • prevents dry mouth
  13. disadvantages of mouthwash
    has high levels of alcohols 18-26%
  14. advantages of syrups
    • mask unpeasant taste
    • wide variety of flavor
    • effective to administer in pediatric and geriatric patients
  15. disadvantages of syrups
    care must be exercise to ensure compatibility between drug substance and other components
  16. advantages of nasal solution
    • rapid and efficient systematic absorption
    • avoid first pass effect
    • drug will not be exposed to hostile environment of GIT
  17. advantages of otic solution
    • rapid delivery of drug to the site of action
    • avoids first pass effect
    • not be exposed to hostile environment of GIT
  18. disadvantages of Otic Solution
    • appropriate quantity cant be given sometimes
    • creates irritation to the skin
  19. advantages of mucilages
    • aid in suspending insoluble substances in liquids
    • helps prevent immediate sedimentation
  20. disadvantage of mucilage
    are prone to decomposition showing appreciable decrease in viscosity on storage
  21. are clear, aqueous solutions saturated with volatile oils
    aromatic water
  22. methods in preparation of aromatic water
    • distillation
    • direct solution method
    • alternative solution method
  23. are prepared by diluting the concentrated acids in purified water
    diluted acid
  24. mos diluted acids have a strength of ____
    10% w/v
  25. are agents that are used to cleanse or evacuate bowels
    evacuation enemas
  26. are agents administered rectally for local effects
    retention enemas
  27. are solution containing antiseptic, antibiotic and anti infective properties, indicated for pharyngeal cavity
  28. is much more alike with gargle but doesnt have an antibiotic activity
  29. are solutions that are administered nasal passage
    nasal solution
  30. are agents used as lubricants in making surgical gloves and inserting catheters
  31. are sterile non pyrogenic solution use to wash surgical incision
  32. other name of douches
  33. process of washing out a body cavity or wounded area with a stream of water or other fluid
  34. are medicines or solution compounded and dispensed for installation into the ear
    otic solution
  35. are concentrated aqueous prep of a sugar or sugar substitute with or without flavoring agents and medicinal substances
  36. 2 types of syrups
    • non medicated syrup
    • medicated syrup
  37. good vehicle for drugs requiring acid medium
    cherry and orange syrups
  38. alcohol free vehicle for exptemporanous use
    ora sweet
  39. used to distinguish salty or sour taste of saline medicaments
    raspberry syrups
  40. components of syrups
    • sugar
    • antimicrobial preservative
    • flavorants
    • colorants
    • special solvents (solubilizing, thickener and stabilizer)
  41. preparation of syrups
    • solution with the aid of heat
    • agitation without the aid of heat
    • addition of sucrose to a medicated liquid or to a flavored liquid
  42. a thick, gluey substance produced by nearly all plants and some microorganism
  43. are thick liquid preparations that are somewhat allied to syrups
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