Psych Test 2A: Freud

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  1. What is the forefront of theory in unconscious? What does this mean?
    • unconscious
    • all personality develops because of what's going on in unconscious
  2. Psychoalanalytic or psychodynamic theories of personality attempt to explain what?
    differences by examining how unconscious mental forces interplay with thoughts, feelings, and actions

    founding father: Sigmund Freud
  3. Levels of consciousness
    conscious: thooughts or motives a person is aware of

    preconscious: thoughts, motives, or memories that can be easily brought to mind

    unconscious: Freud's term for thoughts, motives, and memories blocked from normal awareness
  4. Structure of the Personality--WHat are the three?
    • ID
    • EGO
  5. ID
    pushed by sex and aggression (Thanatos and eros)

    born with it

    If you don't listen to it, it becomes the root of your anxiety

    Pleasure principle: instant gratification

  6. Ego
    balance between ID and Superego

    Conscious/ awareness

    works on a reality principle: have to function how society watns you to helps you do life's most important things

    Problem solving, reasoning, decision maing

    develops in anal stage--> toilet training

    uses defense mechanisms: tools that help ego protect you from anxiety and guilt
  7. Superego
    morality principle: following rules

    develops in phallic stage

    parental and societyal standards: everything mom, dad, and society tells you to do, you do
  8. What does Freud believe about the three components of the personality?
    if you have an imbalance--> flaw in personalit
  9. Erogenous zone
    pleasure center
  10. Psychosexual stages

    Stage 1
    oral stage:

    • mouth is pleasure center and satisfaction attained through sucking, eating, biting, etc
    • If overindulged--gullible, passive, dependent

    If underindulged--aggressive, sadistic, exploitative

    Orally fixated adults may overeat, become alcoholics, smoke, or talk excessively
  11. Psychosexual Stages 

    Stage 2
    `Anal stage: Depends on how you were potty-trained. You can be fine, anal-retentive (super neat) or anal-expulsive (everything all over) 

    At end of stage, ego develops

    First societal standard accomplished: using toilet

    Ages 2-3
  12. Psychosexual stages

    Stage 3
    Ages 3-5

    Oedipus Complex and Electra Complex

    gender roles develop in this stage

    Superego forms after successful completion on stage

    Fixatiosn in this stage cause problems with dealing with authority figures an an inability to maintain stable love relationships
  13. Explain the Oedipus Complex (which is exactly the same as the Electra Complex but in boys)
    Stage 1: Boy falls in love with mom

    Stage 2: competed with dad for mome

    Stage 3: experiences castration anxiety (dad would get made and chop off his penis) 

    Stage 4: Wants to be like dad
  14. Psychosexual stages

    Stage 4
    Latency stage

    No pleasure center

    same sex peer relations

    making friends and expanding gender role
  15. Psychosexual stages

    Stage 5
    Genital Stage

    pleasure center for sexual behavior

    Last for rest of life

    Fixations lead to participation in sexual relationships on only lustful desires--no commitment, just intimacy
  16. What are defense mechanisms?
    they protect us and operate unconsciously; they can distort, transform, or falsify reality in some way
  17. REpression
    when something is so tramatic, you wipe it out of your memory
  18. REgression
    acting like you're in a younger age; makes you act like a child again
  19. Displacement
    finding an easy target; taking out anger or emotions on someone else

    allows you to never point the finger at yourself
  20. sublimation
    channel sex and aggressive drives into a socially acceptable outlet
  21. intellectualization
    removes emotion out of things

    protects us from getting hurt
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