Science Test 9

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  1. Know the order of the Planets
    • 1) Mercury
    • 2) Venus
    • 3) Earth
    • 4) Mars
    • 5) Jupiter
    • 6) Saturn
    • 7) Uranus
    • 8) Neptune
  2. What did God create on the 1st day?
    Day and Night
  3. What did God create on the 2nd day?
    the atmosphere and the firmament
  4. What did God create on the 3rd day?
    the land
  5. What did God create on the 4th day?
    The sun, moon, and stars
  6. What did God create on the 5th day?
    the birds and water animals
  7. What did God create on the 6th day?
    the animals and man
  8. What did God do on the 7th day?
    He rested
  9. What divides our year into 12 months?
    The moon
  10. What is the name for the constellations?
    the Zodiac
  11. What is a revolution?
    The movement of the earth that equals 1 year
  12. What is a rotation?
    The movement of the earth that equals 1 day
  13. Why does the earth have seasons?
    Because the earth is tilted on an axis
  14. How many hours are in a day?
    24 hours
  15. How long does it take the earth to travel around the sun?
    365 1/4 days
  16. What is the Milky Way?
    The galaxy where our sun is located
  17. What is the part of the galaxy that is made up of our sun and planets?
    solar system
  18. What is a constellation?
    a star picture
  19. This is where all the things that God created is located
    the universe
  20. This is the scientific study of the planets and stars
  21. This is known as the red planet
  22. This planet has rings
  23. This is the only planet with life
  24. How far is the sun from the Earth?
    93 million miles
  25. What do light-colored objects do to heat and light?
  26. The sun is made up of
  27. Which is smaller, the sun or the moon?
    The moon
  28. Which is smaller, the moon or the earth?
    The moon
  29. Which is larger the sun or the moon?
    The sun
  30. Which is larger, the sun or the earth?
    The sun
  31. Does the moon have plants?
  32. Does the moon have mountains?
  33. Does the moon have air?
  34. Does the moon have sounds?
  35. The Big Dipper is part of which constellation?
    The Great Bear
  36. When you face the North Star, which direction is to your left?
    The West
  37. What keeps the planets orbiting the sun?
    The sun's gravity
  38. When the earth is between the sun and the moon, it is
    A full moon
  39. What are the holes on the surface of the moon called?
  40. What determined the length of a week?
    God, it says in Genesis.
  41. What is sediment?
    the matter that settles to the bottom or sides of a body of water
  42. What is a glacier?
    a slow moving river of ice
  43. What is magma?
    hot, liquid rock that is found within the earth
  44. What is conservation?
    the wise use of natural resources
  45. What is humus?
    the decayed materials within the soil
  46. What is the crust?
    a solid layer of rock underneath the soil
  47. What is erosion?
    the wearing away of the earth's topsoil
  48. What is granite?
    a hard rock that can be polished to make beautiful monuments and buildings.
  49. What is shale?
    the most common sedimentary rock. It is soft and often crushed to make bricks
  50. What is slate?
    a hard rock that makes blackboards.(chalkboards)
  51. What are invertebrates?
    • Creatures without a backbone. 
    • Examples are: octopus, insects, jellfish
  52. What are mammals?
    • Warm blooded vertebrates.
    • Examples are: dolphins, porpoises, humans
  53. Which is the world's largest ocean?
    The Pacific Ocean
  54. Which is the warmest ocean?
    The Indian Ocean
  55. Where most of the fish live in the ocean is under this part of land
    the Continental shelf
  56. All marine animals breathe air with
  57. The largest mammal that has ever lived
    the Blue whale
  58. The largest fish is the
    whale shark
  59. This fish swims upstream where it was born to lay eggs
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