PCOM Points5 HRT

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  1. HT qi xu
    • Tonify HT: HT5, HT7, PC6, Du14, UB15
    • Tonify qi of upper jiao: Ren17
    • Tonify qi: Ren6
  2. Ht Yin Xu
    • Tonify kd and stop night sweats: KD7
    • Stop night sweats: HT6
    • Tonify heart: Ht7, PC6
    • Calm Mind: Ren14, Ren15
    • Nourish yin: SP6, Ren4
  3. Ht Bld Xu
    • Tonify Ht: Ht7, HT5, PC6
    • Calm mind: Ren14, Ren15
    • Tonify bld: Ren4, Ub17, UB20
  4. Ht yang xu
    • Tonify Ht qi: HT5, Ht7, PC6
    • Tonify ht yang: UB15, Ren17, Du14
    • Tonbify yang: Ren6
  5. Ht fire
    • Clear ht fire: Ht9, Ht8
    • Calm mind: Ren15, Ht7, Du19, Du24
    • Clear heat: LI11
    • Nourish yin: SP6, KD6
  6. HT phlegm fire
    • Open orifaces: PC5, GB17
    • Clear heat: HT7, LV2, PC7, HT8, HT9, UB15
    • Resolve phlegm: ST40, SP6
    • Calm mind: Gb13, Ren15, Du24
    • Restore consciousness: Du20
    • Tonify SP: UB20, Ren12
  7. Phlegm misting the hrt
    • Open oriface: Ht9, PC5
    • Tonify HT yang to clear phlegm: DU14
    • Phlgem: UB15, ST40, PC5
    • Restores Consciousness: Du26
    • Tonify SP: UB20, Ren12
  8. Ht blood stasis
    • Chest pain: Ht7, PC4
    • Moves ht bld: P6, UB14
    • Moves bld by tonifying yang: KD25
    • Moves blood by simulating circulation: Ren17
    • Moves blood: SP10, UB17
  9. LUNG/HT Qi Xu
    • Tonify LU qi: LU7, LU9, UB13, DU12
    • Tonify HT qi: HT5, Ht7, Ub15, PC6
    • Tonify Qi: Ren6, Ren17
    • Tonify SP: Ren36, Ren12
  10. SP/HT Bld Xu
    • Tonify SP QI/BLD: ST36, SP6, UB20, Ren12
    • Tonify HT: HT7, PC6
    • Calm Mind: Ren14, Ren15
    • Tonify bld: UB17, Ren4
  11. LV/HT blood xu
    • Tonify Ht: Ht5, PC6
    • Calm Mind: Ren14, Ren15
    • Tonify LV BLD: ST36, SP6, LV8, UB18, UB23
    • Tnoify Blood: UB17, UB20, Ren4
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