12. Psychology of Human Mating

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  1. woman's reproduction is limited by
    physiological investment capacity
  2. man's reproduction is limited by
    his access to fertile women
  3. reproductive rates in a perfectly monogamous system
    would be identical
  4. Even in monogomous societies ____, ______, &______ allow for effective polygyny.
    infedelity, divorce, remarriage
  5. Parental investment
    anything that a parent does for a particular offspring that helps the offspring (reproductively) and reduces the parent's ability to invest in other offspring
  6. biparental investment
    when both parents contribute in the same way
  7. Humans vs Mammals, choosiness and competition
    • women are more competitive compared to other female mammals
    • men are more choosy compared to other male mammals
  8. Traits preferred by men and women in good gene strategy
    both men and women look for symmetry and complementary immune weapons
  9. Traits preferred by men and women in parental investment strategy
    • women prefer - status
    • men prefer - physiological condition, youthful, low hip-waist ratio

    both look for good relationship - kindness and teamwork
  10. When the sexes assume male investment is rare...
    • both sexes show behaviors that reduce the likelihood of long-term bonding.
    • ex. sexy clothing.
  11. When the sexes assume male investment is the norm...
    the behave in ways that maximize their chances of getting long-term relationship
  12. Mixed reproductive strategies
    longer term partner, but also extra term partners.
  13. Essential features of mixed reproductive strategies for women?
    Women will accept genes donations and investments separately from different men.
  14. essential features of mixed reproductive strategies for men?
    men will invest in one partner, but look for other opportunities.
  15. what is mate choice criteria
    good genes and parental investment
  16. Traits of faster sex that men have
    • competitiveness
    • less choosy
    • lower parental investment
    • age faster
    • mature later
  17. jealousy - men vs. women
    • men are more jealous if women had affair
    • women more jealous if man is in love with another woman.
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