rtvf 74 chapter 6

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  1. written pitch
    proposal, prospectus, or Pitch on Paper, detailed business plan put together by professional, don't personalize, present tense, 3 font rule, landscape
  2. to succeed with pitch
    know market (variety, hollywood reporter), research pitch, present yourself, pitch to the right place and person
  3. motion picture studios
    networks pay license fee to studios to produce series for them
  4. potential markets
    major broadcast networks, cable channels, premium cable, public tv, production companies, local tv stations, syndication, dvd/bluray, vod, direct mail, self-distribution
  5. syndication
    sold in five days-a-week strips
  6. a solid project can have two rounds of audience exposure and income
    1. domestic broadcast or market 2. extends to global marketplace
  7. cover letter
    query letter, intro, sets tone, brief, 12 pt times, mention referral, personalize
  8. first page written pitch
    title (largest font), genre & length, log line, author, graphics, agent/lawyer contact, WGA registration and/or copyright notice, synopsis
  9. included in written pitch
    connection to project, comparisons, cast list, style, research, history, schedule, team
  10. video pitch
    one scene or trailer, ask assistants for a good time to send
  11. verbal pitch
    elevator pitch, energize and sell idea, work with a partner and have back up idea, follow up
  12. reels
    demo reel for producers, pitch reel for project
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