FAR-AIM 3 Abbreviations/Velocity

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  1. Va
    design maneuvering speed
  2. Vb
    design speed for maximum gust intensity
  3. Vc
    maximum cruising speed
  4. Vd
    design diving speed
  5. Vdf/Mdf
    demonstrated flight diving speed
  6. Vef
    speed at which the critical engine is assumed to fail during takeoff
  7. Vf
    design flap speed
  8. Vfc/Mfc
    maximum speed for stability characteristics
  9. Vfe
    maximum flap extended speed
  10. Vfto
    final takeoff speed
  11. Vh
    maximum speed in level flight with maximum continuous power
  12. Vle
    maximum landing gear extended speed
  13. Vlo
    maximum landing gear operating speed
  14. Vlof
    lift off sped
  15. Vmc
    minimum control sped with critical engine inoperative
  16. Vmo/Mmo
    maximum operating limit speed
  17. Vmu
    minimum unstick speed
  18. Vne
    never exceed speed
  19. Vno
    maximum structural cruising speed
  20. Vr
    rotation speed
  21. Vref
    reference landing speed
  22. Vs
    stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed at which the airplane is controllable
  23. Vs0
    stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed in the landing configuration
  24. Vs1
    stalling speed or the minimum steady flight speed obtained in a specific configuratin
  25. Vsr
    reference stall speed
  26. Vsr0
    reference stall speed in the landing configuration
  27. Vsr1
    reference stall speed in a specific configuration
  28. Vsw
    speed at which onset of natural or artificial stall warning occurs
  29. Vtoss
    takeoff safety speed for Category A rotocraft
  30. Vx
    speed for best angle of climb
  31. Vy
    speed for best rate of climb
  32. V1
    maximum speed in the takeoff at which the pilot must take the first action to stop
  33. V2
    takeoff safety speed for Category A rotocraft
  34. V2min
    minimum takeoff safety speed
  35. VFR
    visual flight rules
  36. VFH
    very high frequency
  37. VOR
    vhf omnirange station
  38. VORTAC
    collocated VOR and TACAN
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