Road signs

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  1. Regulation signs
    • normally are white rectangles with black letters or symbols, but some are different shapes, and some can use red letters or symbols
    • gives information about rules
  2. Warning signs
    • normally are yellow and diamond-shaped, with black letters or symbols
    • approaching a hazardous location or a location with a special rule
  3. Destination signs
    • are green with white letters and symbols
    • show the direction and distance to locations (watch for them so you don't get lost)
  4. Service signs
    • are blue with white letters and symbols
    • show the locations of services
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    • come to a full stop
    • yield the right-of-way to vehicles and pedestrians in or heading toward the intersection
    • stop before stop line, crosswalk, or intersection so that you can view the intersection
    • go only when it is safe
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    • decrease speed and prepare to stop
    • yield right-of-way to vehicles or pedestrians approaching the intersection
    • come to a full stop if traffic conditions require it
    • check carefully for traffic and be prepared to stop
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    no right turn sign
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    destination sign
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    divided highway ends
  10. Image Upload
    winding road ahead
  11. Image Upload
    yield to pedestrians
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    • Railroad crossing sign
    • use caution and be prepared to stop
    • if you are following a bus or truck approaching a railroad crossing, be careful. most buses and trucks always have to stop when approaching a railroad crossing
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    • Work area signs
    • people are at work on or near the roadway and traffic can be controlled by a flag person.
    • a work area speed limit as low as 25 mph can be posted
    • you must always drive at a reduced speed regardless
  14. When a work area person holds up his hand or hold it flag out to the side...
    it means to stop
  15. when a work area person makes a sweeping motion across his body or rests the flag down by his side...
    it means to proceed
  16. when a work area person move his hand up and down and moves the flag up and down...
    it means to go slow.
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    Image Upload
    • Route signs
    • indicate US, state, or county routes
    • shape of sign indicates type of route: these signs are for state, US, and interstate routes.
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    keep right of divider sign
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    do not enter sign (one way)
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    • do not pass sign
    • no switching lanes or going around people
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    gas station, restaurant, place to stay, phone, hospital, and camp ground
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    merging traffic entering from right sign
  23. Image Upload
    traffic signal ahead
  24. Image Upload
    right lane ends merge left
  25. Image Upload
    hospital emergency services to the right
  26. Image Upload
    two way traffic
  27. Image Upload
    slippery when wet
  28. Image Upload
    no U turn
  29. Image Upload
    hill ahead
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