lifespan development

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  1. concrete operational stage
    Piaget's third stage of cognitive development, during which children construct schemes that enable them to think logically about objects and events in the real world
  2. decentration
    thinking that takes multiple variables into account
  3. reversibility
    the understanding that both physical actions and mental operations can be reversed
  4. inductive logic
    a type of reasoning in which general principles are inferred from specific experiences
  5. What is horizontal decalage
    a phenomenon which has the ability to apply new cognitive skills (child) to all kinds of problems
  6. class inclusion
    the understanding that subordinate classes are included in larger superordinate classes
  7. processing efficiency
    the ability to ale efficient use of short-term memory capacity
  8. automaticity
    the ability to recall information from long-term memory without using short-term memory
  9. executive processes
    information-processing skills that involve devising and carrying out strategies for remembering and problem solving
  10. learning disability
    a disorder in which a child has difficulty ,astern a specific academic skill, even though she possesses average to above average intelligence and has no physical or sensory handicaps
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