Drama Terms

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  1. Comic Relief
    Use of a funny scene to break suspense
  2. Dramatic irony
    The audience knows more than a character
  3. Diction
    Selection of words in a literary work
  4. Deus ex machina
    A god who solves conflict of a play by supernatural intervention
  5. Convention
    A customary feature of a literary work
  6. Chorus
    A group of characters that comment on the action of the play but don't partake in it
  7. Catharsis
    Feeling of pity and the fear that the audience of a tragic drama feel
  8. Catastrophe
    The action at the end of a tragedy that initiates the denouncement
  9. Aside
    Words spoken to audience that is not herd by other characters
  10. Apron
    Part of stage between the curtain and the audience
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