Appendix E part 3

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  1. at the same time
    a la vez
  2. throughout, along in in the distance, far off, at a distance
    a mAs tardar
  3. often, frequently
    a menudo
  4. in my opinion
    a mi parecer
  5. on foot, walking
    a pie
  6. by the way
    a propOsito
  7. alone
    a solas
  8. in turn
    a su vez
  9. on time
    a tiempo
  10. by fits and starts
    a tropezones
  11. at the last minute
    a Ultima hora
  12. let's see
    a ver
  13. right now, right away, at once
    ahora mismo
  14. outdoors
    al aire libre
  15. at dawn, at daybreak
    al amanecer
  16. cash, for cash
    al contado
  17. on the contrary
    al contrario
  18. finally, at last
    al fin
  19. in the end, after all
    al fin y cabo
  20. at least
    al menos
  21. at the same time
    al mismo tiempo
  22. apparently, seemingly
    al parecer
  23. literally
    a pie de la letra
  24. wholesale
    al por mayor
  25. retail
    al por menor
  26. at first, at the beginning
    al principio
  27. upside down, inside out, backwards
    al revEs
  28. so
    asI es que
  29. so-so
    asI, asI
  30. each time
    cada vez
  31. more and more
    cada vez mAs
  32. less and less
    cada vez menos
  33. of course (not)
    claro que sI (no)
  34. as usual
    como siempre
  35. carefully (carelessly)
    con (sin) cuidado
  36. excuse me, with your permission
    con (su) permiso
  37. frequently
    con frecuencia
  38. gladly
    con mucho gusto
  39. I don't think so
    creo que no
  40. I think so
    creo que sI
  41. as soon as possible
    cuanto antes
  42. beforehand
    de antemano
  43. from now on
    de aquI en adelante
  44. willingly (unwillingly)
    de buena (mala) gana
  45. usually
    de costumbre
  46. by day
    de dIa
  47. in that way, so
    de ese modo/ de esa manera
  48. on an excursion
    de excursiOn
  49. facing forward, from the front
    de frente
  50. all at once, suddenly
    de golpe
  51. in fact, as a matter of fact, actually
    de hecho
  52. from now on, henceforth
    de hoy en adelante
  53. by heart
    a memoria
  54. you're welcome
    de nada
  55. by no means, on no account, absolutely not
    de ningUn modo, de ninguna manera
  56. by night
    de noche
  57. again
    de nuevo
  58. in another way
    de otra manera
  59. otherwise
    de otro modo
  60. wide open
    de par en par
  61. for dessert
    de postre
  62. quickly
    de prisa
  63. suddenly, all of a sudden
    de pronto, de repente
  64. at any rate, anyway, anyhow
    de todos modos
  65. in the latest style
    de Ultima modo
  66. at once, at one time
    de una vez
  67. really, truly, honestly
    de veras
  68. from time to time, once in a while
    de vez en cuando
  69. in a short while, in a little while
    dentro de poco
  70. straight ahead
  71. of course
    desde luego
  72. holiday
    dIa de fiesta
  73. somewhere
    en alguna parte
  74. in vain
    en balde
  75. in fun, jokingly
    en broma
  76. at home
    en casa
  77. as soon as
    en cuanto
  78. as a matter of fact, indeed
    en efecto
  79. immediately
    en el acto
  80. at heart
    en el fondo
  81. finally, in short, lastly
    en fin
  82. presently
    en la actualidad
  83. in the first place
    en primer lugar
  84. on the dot, sharp
    en punto
  85. actually, in fact
    en realidad
  86. in short
    en resumidas cuentas
  87. immediately, at once
    en seguida
  88. seriously
    en serio
  89. everywhere
    en todas partes
  90. in any case
    en todo caso
  91. aloud (in a low voice)
    en voz alta (baja)
  92. in parentheses, by the way
    entre parEntesis
  93. a (short) while ago
    hace poco
  94. up until now
    hasta la fecha
  95. nowadays
    hoy dIa
  96. this very day
    hoy mismo
  97. the least important thing
    lo de menos
  98. just as usual, the same old story
    lo de siempre
  99. a soon as possible
    lo mAs pronto posible
  100. the same thing
    lo mismo
  101. what matters
    lo que importa
  102. in other words, rather
    mejor dicha
  103. better than ever
    mejor que nunca
  104. so much the better, it's a good thing that...
    menos mal
  105. meanwhile, in the meantime
    mientras tanto
  106. not even
    ni siquiera
  107. nevertheless, however
    no obstante
  108. again, once more
    otra vez
  109. forever
    para siempre
  110. worse than ever
    peor que nunca
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