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  1. What is photosynthesis?
    Process in which light energy is transformed intho chemical energy using CO2 & water.
  2. The two stages of photosynthesis?
    Dark Reaction and Light reaction
  3. Where does light reaction occur in the chorplast?
  4. Where does dark reactions in the chloroplast?
    Occurs in stroma
  5. What does the light reaction produce?
    Chemical Energy
  6. What does the dark reaction produce?
    sugar molecules
  7. What is wavelength?
    Distance between 2 adjancent crest?
  8. What are phonton?
    Fixed quanity of energy
  9. What are electromagnetic spectrum?
    the entire range of wavelengths or frequencies of electromagnetic radiation
  10. The function of stomates is?
    to control gas exchange.
  11. The function of chlorphyll?
    allows plants to absorb energy from light.
  12. What are the three funtions of celluar divison?
    Cell Replacement, Growth and Asexual reproduction.
  13. What is asexual reproduction?
    Creation of genetically identical offspring from a single parent.
  14. What is sexual reproduction?
    Creation of offspring from fusion of 2 haploid cells.
  15. What is chromatin?
    DNA in a loose state
  16. What is chromosome?
    DNA in a compact state
  17. What is chromatid?
    One DNA copy of a chromsome
  18. What is centromere?
    is a region on a chromosome that joins two sister chromatids
  19. What is interphase?
    Cells spend most of thier time in this phase and it controls the metabolism and growth of the cell.
  20. What is mitosis?
    Divison of a single nucleus into two genetically identical daughter nuclei
  21. What is cytokinesis?
    Divison of the cytoplasm to form new daughter cells
  22. how does cytokinesis differ in plants and animals?
    In plant cells vesicles first line up to form a new cell wall where as in animal cells the cell membrane pinches and divides
  23. What is Cancer?
    Malignant growth caused by abnormal and uncontrolled cell divison
  24. What is a tumor?
    Abnormally growing mass of cells
  25. What is the diffrence of a bengin tumor and a malignat tumor?
    The bengin tumor stay at its orginal site and the malginat spreads to other areas.
  26. What is diploid?
    Pair of chromosomes.
  27. What is meiosis?
    Divison of a diploid cell into 4 haploid cells
  28. What are some forms of cancer treatment?
    Sugery, radiation and chemotheraphy.
  29. What is metastiasis?
    Cancer cells spread through lymph and blood vessels to other parts of the body
  30. What are haploid?
    one chromosome
  31. What is fertilzation?
    Union of two haploid cellls  to produce a zygote
  32. What is a zygote?
    a single cell which has formed as the result of the merging of an egg cell and asperm cell
  33. What is homologous chromosmes?
    2 Chromosomes of similar length,centromere postion and staning pattern
  34. What is the diffrence of meiosis 1 and meisosis 2 ?
    Meiosis 1 sepreates homolgous pairs and Meiosis 2 separates sister chromatids.
  35. What is the diffrence between sex chromosomes and autosomes?
    The sex chromosomes determines sex and the autosome chromosomes are not involved in determing the sex
  36. What is nondisjunction?
    Failure of separation at anaphase of mitosis or meiosis can be fatal due to the fact it usually fatal or results in disorders
  37. What is polyploidy?
    Contains more than 2 pairs of homologous chromosomes and can cause down syndrome.
  38. What is heredity?
    The transmisson of traits from one generation to the the next ex.flower color
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