Final Jeopardy season 20

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  1. 12-year-old David Mullany gave this toy its name, a euphemism for striking out in baseball
  2. After landing in Paris in 1927 Lindbergh filed an exclusive report to newspapers in 2 cities, New York & this
    St Louis
  3. Spud & Yam are 2 of the offspring of this toy introduced in 1952
    Mr Potatohead
  4. The sinking of the HMS Birkenhead in February 1852 gave rise to this gallant 4-word naval tradition
    Women and children first
  5. This sports superstar of 1973 bears the name of one of the 6 major organs of the United Nations
  6. Einstein said of him, "Generations to come will scarcely believe" one such as he "walked the Earth in flesh & blood"
  7. It is named in honor of a Monty Python sketch that used the word more than 100 times in 2 1/2 minutes
  8. The Boston Tea Party was planned at the house of Sarah Bradlee Fulton, a member of this splinter group
    Daughters of the revolution
  9. The name of this type of reference book comes from the Greek for "circle of instruction"
  10. At the 1982 World's Fair in Knoxville, a giant Rubik's Cube stood outside this country's pavilion
  11. He called himself a "Cubano Sato", a phrase from the Cuban dialect meaning both "flirt" & "half-breed"
  12. Some refractive index numbers for you now: diamond, 2.42; air, 1.0003, this, 1.0000
  13. Camelus, the genus name of camels, is also the species name of these birds
  14. The first man to die as the result of one of these accidents was Lt. Thomas Selfridge on Sept. 17, 1908
    Airplane crash
  15. This country's coastline, on the Gulf of Aden & the Indian Ocean, is the longest on the African continent
  16. They're the 2 2-letter abbreviations in the titles of movies directed by Steven Spielberg
    ET AI
  17. She's the only female character in all the A.A. Milne "Winnie The Pooh" stories
  18. This 3-word phrase familiar in the U.S. originated in an ancient poem & described assembling foods to make salad
    E pluribus unum
  19. Of the genus Phascolarctos, it's 23-33" tall with a stout gray or brown body, a big round nose & strong claws
  20. Of the 6 official languages used by the U.N., the one that's the native tongue of the most number of people
  21. Since 1820, 1 of 3 men to lose a presidential election but win the rematch with the same individual 4 years later
    Jackson Hamilton Cleveland
  22. This term for a small, out-of-the-way town is also the name of a long-gone Algonquian Indian tribe
  23. It's the only building to appear on 2 current U.S. bills; one is an interior view, the other an exterior view
    Independence Hall
  24. Named for the region in Uganda where it was discovered in 1937, it was first detected in the U.S. in 1999
    West Nile Virus
  25. Used most infamously in 1963, a .38-caliber Colt Cobra handgun belonging to this man sold in 1991 for $220,000
    Jack Ruby
  26. Among the inventions to come from this state are Bisquick, Rollerblades & Post-It Notes
  27. This term was first used in an ice cream trade journal in 1937; it began to appear in the nuclear power industry in the '60s
  28. A circumorbital hematoma is more commonly known as this
    Black eye
  29. In 1924 he succeeded William J. Burns who had resigned; he remained in his position for the next 48 years
    J Edgar Hoover
  30. It contains the line "There stood the Kaatskill Mountains...there was every hill and it had always been"
    Rip Van Wrinkle
  31. This rock group took its name from a Johnny Cash album, whose title came from a Winston Churchill speech
    Blood Sweat and Tears
  32. First published in 1897, this novel wasn't translated into Romanian until 1992
  33. The cover story about this 1930 Man of the Year described him as a "little half-naked brown man"
    Mahandas Gandhi
  34. It's the original meaning of the word "checkmate", or what many newspaper headlines said on August 17, 1977
    The King is Dead
  35. His name means "The Glory of" a certain goddess, & he built shrines to that goddess
  36. 2 popular places for swimming in this national park are in Firehole Canyon & at Boiling River
  37. 11-year-old Frank Epperson invented this by accident when his fruit drink froze after being left outside overnight
  38. Element No. 79, it's estimated that all of it ever mined would only make a cube about 50 feet across
  39. A part of this marine mammal was prized by medieval folk, who thought it belonged to a unicorn
  40. The last 2 sisters nominated against each other for the Best Actress Oscar; it was for 1966
    Lynn and Vanessa Redgrave
  41. This Southern capital was named for an ancestor of a 20th century poet known for his clever rhymes
    Nashville, TN
  42. 2 of the 4 teams in the NFL with completely alliterative names
    Seahawks, Tennessee, Jacksonville, Buffalo
  43. She's the first female track & field athlete to win medals in 5 different events at a single Olympics
    Marion Jones
  44. This somewhat negative term arose because twisting fibers into thread was mainly a woman's job
  45. Once slang for brain, this 2-word phrase now means the Heritage Foundation or the Brookings Institution
    Think Tank
  46. This title character who debuted in 1999 was created by former marine biology educator Steve Hillenburg
    Spongebob squarepants
  47. In 1960 this new national leader made the longest speech in United Nations history, 4 hours & 29 minutes
    Fidel Castro
  48. The Chinese government, which controls all of these in the U.S., won't let a new one be named until it's 100 days old
    Giant Panda
  49. First designed as a surgical disinfectant, in 1895 it was available to dentists & by 1914 was sold OTC
  50. Josephine Cochrane's 1886 version of this consisted of a copper boiler, wire baskets & a pump
  51. In 1901 U.S. Surgeon General Walter Wyman helped establish a hospital in Hawaii for this disease
  52. This title character's full name is Oscar Zoroaster Phadrig Isaac Norman Henkle Emmannuel Ambroise Diggs
    Wizard of Oz
  53. Born in January 1919, the month Teddy Roosevelt died, he was given the middle name Roosevelt
    Jackie Robinson
  54. After a 58-year flirtation, this woman called it off temporarily in issue No. 720
    Lois Lane
  55. Of the 8 members of the G-8 industrial nations, the one with the smallest population
  56. Daniel means "God is my judge", Ezekiel, "God strengthens"; & this name in Genesis 32, "he strives with God"
  57. The first 2 New York Times headlines set in 96-point type were in these 2 years, 5 years apart
    1969, 1974
  58. With a book about the south, he became the first president--past or present--to publish a novel
    Jimmy Carter
  59. In area it's the largest African country through which the Greenwich meridian passes
  60. The 2 U.S. presidents whose middle names are also the last names of 2 other presidents
    William Jefferson Carter Ronald Wilson Reagan
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