Managing Human Resource Systems Ch 11

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  1. what is HRM and why is it important
    • reefers to the design and application of formal system to  ensure the effective and efficient use of human talent
    • All manager are HR manager
  2. Federally Protected Classes from Discrimination  (8)
    • race ,religion, gender, age 40, disable, color, national origin, pregnancy  
    • / military
  3. types of laws that we have to pay attention with  HRM
    • BFOQ-
    • Business necessity- waiter at Asian restaurant
    • Disparate treatment- you mean to discriminate
    • Adverse impact - you dont mean to discriminate
    • Four- fifth-rule: you have grounds to conplain if 4/5
  4. what is sexual harassment
    • Quid pro- this for that
    • Hostile work environment- david lettermen
    • manager are suppose to do something if the find out about someone being sexual harassed
  5. Job Analysis and some aspects
    • a purposeful, systamtic process for collecting information on the important work related aspect of a job
    • job description and job specification
  6. after job analysis where to job recruit from
    • internal (Motivation, improves moral)
    • external (new blood, diversity)
  7. after recruitment, hod do companies select
    • application forms and resumes
    • background checks
    • online checks
    • selection test
    • interviews
  8. Performance Appraisal steps in a PA
    • 1 observe the assess performance
    • 2 record the assessment
    • 3provided feedback
  9. Compensation Decisions
    includes both the financial and nonfinacial rewards that organizations give employees in exchange for their work
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