World War II

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  1. Totalitarianism
    • theory of govt. in which a single party or leader controls the economic, social, & cultural lives of its people
    • Single-party dictatorship exerting control over all aspects of life
    • Strong, charismatic leader often at head of govt.
    • State control of the economy
    • Use of police, spies, & terror to enforce the will of the state
    • Govt. control of the media & use of propaganda to indoctrinate citizens
    • Use of schools & youth organizations to spread ideology to children
    • Strict censorship of artists, intellectuals, & political rivals w/ dissenting opinions
  2. Mein Kampf
    • “My Struggle”
    • Written by Hitler while in prison
    • Stated his explanations for the problems facing
    • Germany
    • His blueprint for world domination
  3. Mein Kampf
    • “My Struggle”
    • Written by Hitler while in prison
    • Stated his explanations for the problems facing
    • Germany
    • His blueprint for world domination
  4. Acts of Aggression by the Axis Powers
    • Italy invades Ethiopia - troops sent to border disputes - League of Nations imposes boycotts & other countries condemn their actions
    • Germany invades Rhineland - Direct violation of Versailles Treaty - seen as no reason for war - Rome-Berlin Axis
    • Japan & China clash - Manchuria annexed - Japan leaves League of Nations - Beijing invaded - Japan wanted to control all of East
  5. Hitler's Foreign Policy Goals
    • Hegemony - dominance of Europe
    • Racial war - eliminated "inferior" races
    • Rebuild German military
    • Bring all Germans into his empire - Austria & Sudetenland
  6. Munich Conference
    • Appeasement
    • Neville Chamberlain & Edouard Daladier meet w/ Hitler & Mussolini
    • Hitler given Sudetenland
    • Hitler invades Sudetenland, Mussolini invades Albania (League of Nations has failed)
    • Br. & Fr. mobilize & promise to protect Poland if attacked
  7. Nazi-Soviet Non Aggression Pact
    • agreed not to attack each other
    • secretly divide up Poland
    • both sides knew this was temporary
    • appeasement failed - Hitler invades Poland & sweeps through the country
  8. Sept 3, 1939
    Br. & Fr. declare war on Germany - WWI begins!
  9. Blitzkrieg
    • Lightning Warfare
    • air attacks
    • tanks
    • troops
  10. Battle of Britain
    • German Luftwaffe - air force hoped to "soften the island for invasion"
    • Radar used for 1st time
    • Germany blockade Britain
  11. Lend-Lease Act
    • supply war materials to Britain on credit
    • considered violation of US war neutrality
  12. Atlantic Chrter
    FDR & Churchill draft common goals & aims for peace

    Very Wilsonian – 14 points
  13. Problems w/ Japan
    • Japan increasing Asian conquests
    • Embargo on Japan – hurts Japan much bc Japan needed oil
    • Lend-Lease Program extended to China
    • “Peace Mission” to Washington - Stop aiding China - Lift the embargo - US refuses – Japanese diplomats radio Japanese at home that diplomatic mission has failed
  14. December 7, 1941
    Attack on Pearl Harbor
  15. Allied Powers
    US, USSR, Great Britain, Canada, Australia, France
  16. Axis Powers
    Germany, Italy, Japan, Thailand, Slovakia, Hungary, Romania, Bulgaria
  17. Neutral Countries
    Sweden, Switzerland, Spain, Portugal, Ireland, Turkey, South America
  18. Erwin Rommel
    • Battle of El Alamein
    • Axis Powers
    • Desert Fox gaining territory in North Africa
    • Drove out by Bernard Montgomery
  19. Bernard Montgomery
    • Battle of El Alamein
    • Allied Powers
    • Stops Gen. Rommel
  20. Battle of El Alamein
    • turning point in North Africa
    • Rommel & Montgomery
  21. Battle of Atlantic
    • U-Boat Warfare
    • US & Br. losing ships faster than they can replace them
  22. Operation Barbarosa
    • Hitler’s Biggest Mistake
    • Surprise attack on Soviets - Russian winter - happened like Napoleon
    • Everything goes wrong for the Nazis – almost won, but didn’t
  23. Scorched Earth
    as the Soviets retreat, they destroy everything they left behind
  24. Nuremberg Laws
    • stripped Jews of German citizenship, jobs, & prosperity
    • forced to wear yellow stars of David
  25. Night of Broken Glass
    Nazis attack Jewish people & property
  26. New Order
    Hitler wished to unite Europe under one empire w/ all "inferior" races exterminated
  27. Final Solution
    • Hitler's destruction to Jewish population in German-occupied areas
    • many sent to concentration camps - killed, starved, humiliated, worked to death
    • many experiments done to prisoners
  28. Heinrich Himmler
    head of SS/Schutzstaffel - Nazi Secret Police
  29. Fall of Italy
    • Germany defeated in Africa
    • Allies invade Sicily & Italy
    • Mussolini removed from power; returns; removed from power; returns, captured, executed
    • Italy declares war on Germany, German troops fought the Allies in Italy - occurring same time as D-Day
  30. June 6, 1944
    • D-Day (Operation Overlord)
    • Allied Invasion of Normandy
    • Largest fleet ever assembled
    • Hitler was expecting an invasion from further north
  31. Battle of the Bulge
    • Germany's last major offensive
    • Largest land battle of WWII
    • not successful for us at 1st bc harsh winter
  32. May 8, 1945
    • VJ Day - Victory in Europe
    • Allies enter Germany - total destruction of Germany
    • Churchill nervous about Stalin's post-war intentions
  33. Sept. 2, 1945
    • Allies surround Japan - Japan won't surrender
    • Pres. Truman ordered atomic bombss dropped on Hiroshima, then Nagasaki
    • Gen. MacArthur accepted Japanese terms of surrender
    • Emperor allowed to stay but no longer has power; must renounce his divinity
  34. island hopping
    strategy of conquering only certain Pacific islands that were important to the allied advance toward Japan
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