GRE Words (B)

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  1. baffle
    • (v.) to frustrate someone, by perplexing or confusing them;
    • (v.) to impede the force or movement of
  2. baleful
    (adj.) harmful, threatening or deadly
  3. baneful
    (adj.) causing distress, death or ruin
  4. barrage
    • (n.) a prolonged attack of words or blows; a curtain of
    • (military) artillery fire to prevent enemy forces from moving or to make way for one's own forces;
    • (n.) a man-made barrier in a stream or river
  5. batten
    • (n.) a sawed strip of wood or flooring;
    • (trans. verb) to fasten canvas over the hatches, especially in preparation for a storm;
    • (v.) to grow fat
  6. bauble
    (n.) a decorative or showy but worthless object
  7. beguile
    (v.) to mislead by trickery or deception
  8. beholden
    (adj.) obliged to feel grateful for or owing thanks
  9. beleaguer
    (v.) to besiege by encircling; to harass or beset with difficulties
  10. belittle
    (v.) to make someone feel little or less important, to slight someone
  11. benevolent
    (adj.) doing or intending to do good
  12. benison
    (n.) a benediction
  13. berate
    • (v.) to severely rebuke or scold;
    • (v.) to criticize, slate
  14. bestial
    (adj.) beast-like in behavior, brutish
  15. biennial
    • (adj.) occurring every two years;
    • (adj.) lasting or living for two years
  16. billingsgate
    (n.) abuse, foul or vulgar language
  17. bivouac
    • (n.) a temporary encampment
    • (usually of military soldiers) exposed out in the open with only tents or little shelter
  18. blandish
    (v.) to flatter, coax or persuade
  19. blasphemous:
    (adj.) irreverent or profane`, particularly in relation to a religious subject
  20. bleak
    • (adj.) unsheltered and exposed to wind and cold;
    • (adj.) cold, cutting and harsh; gloomy;
    • (adj.) not hopeful
  21. bode
    (v.) to predict or announce in advance
  22. bogus
    (adj.) not veritable or genuine
  23. boorish
    (adj.) rude; awkward, ill-mannered
  24. bootless
    (adj.) useless, without benefit
  25. brackish
    (adj.) somewhat salty, as might be the waters near a sea; having an displeasing taste; nauseous
  26. breach
    • (n.) a failure to follow through on or complete the agreement and terms of a contract or law;
    • (n.) an opening created by a breakthrough
    • (in a wall);
    • (n.) a break in amicable relations
  27. bristle
    • (n.) any short, stiff or prickly hair of an animal or plant;
    • (intrans. verb) to become stiff and erect;
    • (n.) to show anger, irritation or outrage;
    • (n.) to be thickly covered with
  28. brusque
    (adj.) abrupt and rough use of language or manner of speech
  29. bumptious
    (adj.) arrogant, excessively conceited, forward
  30. burlesque
    • (n.) any comic or satirical imitation
    • (for example) in the form of writing, theater or a parody, intending to mock;
    • (adj.) bawdy
  31. burnish
    (v.) to polish or to make shiny
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