GRE Words (C)

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  1. cabal
    • (n.) a group of plotters or intriguers with conspiratorial intentions;
    • (n.) a secret scheme or plot
  2. cache
    • (n.) a hiding place, especially in the ground for ammunition, food or treasures;
    • (n.) anything so hidden;
    • (v.) to put in a cache
  3. caliber
    (n.) degree of capacity or competence
  4. calumniate
    (v.) to make false and malicious statements about
  5. candor
    • (n.) the state or quality of being open, honest, straightforward, open and sincere in communication;
    • (n.) freedom from bias
  6. canter
    • (n.) an easy-going gallop;
    • (v.) to move or ride at a canter
  7. capitulate
    (v.) to surrender often after negotiation of terms
  8. captious
    • (adj.) characterized by a disposition to find out and point trivial faults;
    • (adj.) intended to entrap or confuse
  9. carnage
    • (n.) the slaughter of numerous people;
    • (n.) those slain in battle
  10. carping
    (adj.) characterized by trivial fault-finding
  11. caste
    • (n.) any of the social or subclasses of traditional Hindu society, such as the Brahman or Sudra castes; a social class distinct from others and characterized by hereditary rank, profession or wealth;
    • (n.) a social position conferred on someone based on a system of castes
  12. cataclysm
    • (n.) any violent upheaval, particularly of a political or social nature;
    • (n.) an extensive flood
  13. catalyst
    • (n.)
    • (in chemistry), a substance that causes a chemical reaction without itself being affected;
    • (n.) a person or thing that brings about or precipitates change;
    • (n.) a person or event that precipitates a process or change
  14. cathartic
    • (adj.) physically or emotionally purging in nature;
    • (adj.) therapeutic
  15. Catholic
    • (adj.) of or pertaining to the Catholic church; a member of the Catholic church;
    • (adj.) of a broad, liberal or comprehensive scope
  16. cavil
    • (v.) to raise trivial objections;
    • (n.) a trivial or annoying objection
  17. celibate
    • (n.) one who abstains from sexual relations with others;
    • (n.) an individual who remains unmarried
  18. centrifugal
    • (adj.) moving or directed outward from the center;
    • (n.) a rotating, perforated drum that holds materials to be separated in a machine
  19. centripetal
    • (adj.) moving or directed toward an axis or center;
    • (adj.) tending or directed toward centralization
  20. cessation
    (n.) a temporary discontinuance
  21. chameleon
    • (n.) any of the Old World lizards which can change color;
    • (n.) a changeable or inconstant person
  22. charlatan
    • (n.) a person who pretends to have more knowledge or skill than he or she actually possesses;
    • (n.) a cont artist or fake
  23. chary
    • (adj.) cautious or careful;
    • (adj.) fastidious; sparing
  24. chastise
    • (v.) to criticize severely;
    • (v.) to discipline through corporal punishment
  25. chide
    (v.) to express disapproval of, to harass or reproach
  26. chimerical
    • (adj.) fantasy, unreal or imaginary;
    • (adj.) highly unrealistic
  27. chronic
    • (adj.) constant and habitual;
    • (adj.) lasting a long time, especially pertaining to a disease
  28. circuitous
    (adj.) indirect or roundabout
  29. circumlocution
    (n.) an indirect or roundabout way of speaking
  30. citadel
    (n.) a fortress in a commanding position in or near a city; a fortified place
  31. claustrophobia
    (n.) a excessive fear of being in closed or confined spaces
  32. clemency
    • (n.) a willingness to lessen the severity of a given punishment;
    • (n.) an official act of mercy or forgiveness
  33. cliché
    • (n.) an overused expression or idea;
    • (n.) a person whose behavior is predictable
  34. coalesce
    (v.) to fuse, grow or mix together
  35. cogent
    • (adj.) believable, convincing or persuasive by clear and forcible presentation;
    • (adj.) to the point
  36. cognomen
    (n.) a family or surname
  37. cohere
    • (v.) to hold together in a mass that resists separation;
    • (v.) to cause to form a united, aesthetically uniform whole
  38. collaborate
    • (v.) to work together or cooperate;
    • (v.) join forces
  39. colloquial
    (adj.) characteristic of ordinary conversation, rather than formal speech or writing
  40. comatose
    • (adj.) of, related to or in a coma;
    • (adj.) characterized by lethargy
  41. commensurate
    • (adj.) of the same extent or duration; corresponding in size or degree, proportionate;
    • (adj.) measurable by a common standard
  42. compatible
    • (adj.) capable of existing harmoniously;
    • (adj.) capable of integration with other elements in a system without any additional required modifications
  43. compendium
    • (n.) a complete, short summary;
    • (n.) a list or collection of various items
  44. complement
    • (n.) something that completes or makes something else whole;
    • (n.) a quantity that completes anything;
    • (n.) either of two parts, needed to complete the whole
  45. compliment
    • (n.) an expression of praise
    • (v.) to give someone praise or accolades
  46. compliant
    (adj.) disposed or willing to comply
  47. conciliate
    • (v.) to overcome the mistrust of;
    • (v.) to regain or attempt to regain friendship;
    • (v.) to attempt to reconcile
  48. concomitant
    (adj.) existing or occurring with something else
  49. congeal
    (v.) to solidify or jell by freezing; coagulate
  50. conjecture
    • (n.) the expression of or formulation of a theory without sufficient evidence or proof;
    • (v.) to guess or formulate a theory without sufficient evidence or proof
  51. connotation
    • (n.) an idea or meaning suggested or associated with a word or thing;
    • (n.) the set of associations implied by a word, in addition to its implicit meaning
  52. contentious
    • (adj.) tending to cause argument or strife;
    • (adj.) characterized by argument or controversy
  53. controvert
    (v.) to be resistant to, to raise arguments against, to oppose
  54. contumacious
    • (adj.) willfully obstinate or stubbornly disobedient;
    • (adj.) insubordinate
  55. conveyance
    (n.) the act of conveying or transmission
  56. copious
    • (adj.) large in quantity or number;
    • (adj.) having or yielding a plentiful supply;
    • (adj.) exhibiting abundance
  57. corporeal
    • (adj.) of or relating to the body;
    • (adj.) of a material nature
  58. corpulent
    (adj.) large or bulky in body
  59. countermand
    • (v.) to cancel or reverse an order or transmission previously issued;
    • (n.) cancellation of an order or command
  60. cower
    (v.) to cringe, crouch or curl up in fear, to show fear
  61. coy
    • (adj.) tending to avoid people or social situations;
    • (adj.) shy or modest in a flirtatious manner; stubbornly unwilling to make a comment
  62. craven
    • (adj.) cowardly, spineless;
    • (n.) a coward
  63. credence
    • (n.) acceptance as truth or valid; trustworthiness;
    • (n.) recommendation, credentials
  64. crone
    (n.) an ugly and withered woman, a hag
  65. crotchety
    (adj.) grouchy in nature or characterized by whimsical and odd notions
  66. cryptic
    • (adj.) mysterious in meaning, puzzling;
    • (adj.) secret, occult
  67. cull
    • (v.) to pick out from others, select;
    • (v.) to remove rejected members or parts from
  68. culmination
    (n.) the highest point or degree of completion
  69. curmudgeon
    (n.) an ill-tempered person
  70. curtail
    • (v.) to cut short;
    • (v.) reduce, diminish
  71. cynic
    (n.) a person with a pessimistic outlook and who believes that most people are solely motivated by selfishness
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