GRE Words (F)

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  1. fabricate
    • (v.) to make up or create;
    • (v.) to concoct in an effort to deceive someone
  2. facile
    • (adj.) easily accomplished or attained;
    • (adj.) expressing yourself readily or clearly
  3. fain
    • (adv.) gladly, willingly;
    • (adj.) content, willing;
    • (v.) to wish or desire
  4. fastidious:
    • (adj.) displaying careful attention to detail;
    • (adj.) difficult to please;
    • (adj.) excessively meticulous
  5. faux pas
    (n.) a mistake, blunder or indiscretion
  6. fawn
    • (v.) to flatter or grovel,
    • (v.) to seek notice or favor
  7. fecundity
    (n.) fruitfulness or fertility, the capacity of plentiful production
  8. feign
    • (v.) to invent or represent fictitiously;
    • (v.) to imitate deceptively
  9. fete
    • (n.) a day of celebration or holiday;
    • (n.) a festival
  10. fiasco
    (n.) a complete and utter failure
  11. fiat
    (n.) a capricious order or decree, an authoritative sanction
  12. fiduciary
    (n.) a person to whom property and/or property is entrusted
  13. figment
    (n.) something that is fabricated or made up
  14. finesse
    (n.) delicacy and/or refinement in performance; skillful and tactful diplomacy
  15. finicky
    (adj.) choosy, difficult to please
  16. flaccid
    (adj.) soft and limp; weak
  17. flamboyant
    • (adj.) strikingly bold or showy, flashy;
    • (adj.) ornate
  18. fledgling
    • (n.) a newborn bird that recently acquired its feathers;
    • (n.) an inexperienced person
  19. fluctuation
    (n.) continual change from one point to another, particularly related to a pitch or tone in one's voice
  20. fluency
    • (n.) spoken or written with ease, particularly as related to a language;
    • (adj.) easy and graceful; flowing
  21. foible
    (n.) a defect, flaw or weakness in a character
  22. foist
    (v.) to force another to accept especially by stealth or deceit
  23. forbearance
    • (n.) tolerance in the face of challenge;
    • (n.) patience
  24. forte
    • (n.) a strong point or skill in which one excels;
    • (n.) the stronger part of a sword blade
  25. fortitude
    (n.) mental and emotional strength in the face of challenge and adversity
  26. fractious:
    • (adj.) uncontrollable and/or unruly;
    • (adj.) easily angered, irritable, quarrelsome
  27. fraught
    • (adj.) filled with specific elements;
    • (adj.) marked by or causing emotional distress
  28. fritter
    • (v.) to squander away;
    • (v.) to tear, break or cut into shreds
  29. frolicsome
    • (adj.) full of fun;
    • (adj.) in good spirits, playful
  30. fructify
    • (v.) to make fruitful or productive;
    • (v.) to bear fruit
  31. frugality
    (n.) economical in spending, frugal, requiring few resources
  32. fulgent
    • (adj.) brightly shining;
    • (adj.) dazzling
  33. furor
    • (n.) an outburst of excitement or controversy;
    • (n.) a prevailing fad or popular craze;
    • (n.) rage, madness
  34. furtive
    • (adj.) characterized by stealth;
    • (adj.) expressive of concealed motives, purposes or intentions
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