GRE Words (G)

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  1. gaff
    (n.) harsh treatment or criticism
  2. gambol
    (n.) a playful skip or frolicking about
  3. garbled
    (v.) to confuse or distort to the point of that the result is misleading or incomprehensible
  4. garrulous
    (adj.) chatty and talkative
  5. gazette
    (adj.) a newspaper or official journal
  6. geniality
    (n.) having a friendly and pleasant disposition or manner
  7. genre
    (n.) a type or classification
  8. genuflect
    • (v.) to tend one knee or touch one knee to the ground, in a sign or form of worship;
    • (v.) to express a servile attitude
  9. germane
    (adj.) connected and relevant
  10. gestate
    • (v.) to carry life from the point of conception to birth;
    • (v.) to conceive and/or develop in the mind
  11. gesticulation
    (n.) a vigorous motion or gesture
  12. glib
    • (adj.) lacking intellectual depth or capacity;
    • (adj.) possessing only superficial plausibility;
    • (adj.) persuasive in speech
  13. gloaming
    (n.) the time of day that immediately follows the sunset
  14. glut
    • (v.) to fill
    • (usually with food) beyond capacity;
    • (v.) to flood
    • (a market) with a plethora of goods to cause supply to exceed demand
  15. glutinous
    (adj.) having sticky and adhesive properties
  16. goad
    • (n.) a long stick with a pointed end, used for prodding animals;
    • (n.) a stimulus or means of urging
  17. gorge
    • (n.) a deep ravine
    • (usually with a river passing through it); to overeat
  18. gourmand
    (n.) a lover of food
  19. gratuity:
    (n.) money paid which exceeds the amount due, such as in to a waitress or bellhop
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