GRE Words (H)

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  1. hazardous
    • (adj.) risky;
    • (adj.) dependent on chance
  2. heinous
    (adj.) atrocious, utterly reprehensible
  3. heresy
    (n.) an opinion or doctrine that is at odds with what is considered orthodox for a given situation or Institution, particularly in relation to religion
  4. hierarchy
    • (n.) a system that involves ranking persons or groups of people above one another;
    • (n.) an organized, governing body
  5. hirsute
    • (adj.) covered with hair;
    • (adj.) furry
  6. hoodwink
    (v.) to deceive or trick
  7. holster
    • (n.) a leather or fabric case that is used for the purposes of holding a firearm in place;
    • (n.) a case for carrying a small item
  8. hortatory
    (n.) urging toward a certain choice of behavior or action
  9. hubbub
    • (n.) loud noise;
    • (n.) confusion
  10. humane
    • (n.) characterized by sympathy and caring for people;
    • (adj.) relating to human studies
  11. hummock
    (n.) a hill or mound
  12. hyperbole
    • (n.) an intentional exaggeration and/or embellishment regarding facts or circumstances;
    • (n.) an overstatement
  13. hypothecate
    (v.) to pledge to a given creditor without offering any form of security, as in a mortgage
  14. hypothetical
    (adj.) speculative and theoretical in nature; unconfirmed
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