GRE Words (M)

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  1. machinate
    • (v.) to contrive or plot;
    • (v.) to conspire
  2. malediction
    • (n.) a curse;
    • (n.) the uttering of a curse
  3. malefactor
    • (n.) a person who violates the law;
    • (n.) reprobate
  4. malignant
    (adj.) evil and spiteful, showing ill-will and/or hatred towards others
  5. malingerer
    (v.) to feign illness, particularly in an effort to avoid duty or work
  6. masticate
    • (v.) to chew;
    • (v.) to reduce to a pulp by squashing or compressing
  7. mediocre
    (adj.) of moderate or ordinary quality
  8. mellifluous
    • (adj.) smoothly flowing;
    • (adj.) sweetened with honey
  9. menial
    • (adj.) lowly and degrading, particularly in relation to work;
    • (adj.) servile and submissive
  10. mettle
    (adj.) courage, fortitude
  11. minion
    (n.) a subordinate or underling
  12. misgivings
    (n.) doubts, uncertainties, reservations
  13. mishap
    (n.) an accident, calamity or disaster of an accidental nature
  14. modish
    (adj.) stylish, trendy
  15. morbid
    • (adj.) implying an unhealthy state, attitude or interest in death;
    • (adj.) gruesome, grisly
  16. mordant
    • (adj.) caustic or sarcastic;
    • (adj.) corrosive
  17. morose
    (adj.) melancholy, gloomy
  18. mulct
    (v.) to defraud or deprive someone of something
  19. munificent
    (adj.) characterized by generosity
  20. mutable
    • (adj.) able to be adapted or changed;
    • (adj.) capricious
  21. myriad
    • (n.) an indefinite or unlimited number of person or things;
    • (n.) ten thousand
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