GRE Words(R)

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  1. ramification
    (n.) a development, consequence or outcome that results from a problem
  2. rancid
    • (adj.) sour, rotten
    • (ran+cid..ran
    • (rank)+cid
    • (acid)...rank means bad smell..and a acid which smell bad)
  3. raucous
    • (adj.) harsh and strident; wild,
    • (adj.) boisterous
  4. ravage
    (v.) to devastate and destroy;
  5. recapitulate:
    • (v.) to repeat in a concise and succinct manner;
    • (v.) to summarize or reiterate
  6. recession
    (n.) a depression or decline
  7. reciprocate
    (v.) to return or give back to
  8. rectify
    (v.) to correct, remedy and/or make right
  9. reek
    • (v.) to stink or smell in a foul manner; to show signs of or suggest
    • (n.) a foul stench or smell
    • ( ) rhymes with Yak!...bad odour)
  10. refulgent
    • (adj.) brilliantly shining and/or gleaming
    • (refulgent sounds like detergent.. use detergent to make things shine)
  11. relinquish
    (v.) to give up or actively surrender
  12. remiss
    • (adj.) careless or negligent;
    • (adj.) thoughtless
    • ( re+MISS you miss something because of NEGLIGENCE, CARELESSNESS.)
  13. renunciation
    • (adj.) the act of turning away from, rejecting or denying
    • (self denial)
  14. repository
    • (n.) a place in which things are safely kept;
    • (n.) a warehouse;
    • (n.) a tomb
  15. reprisal
    (n.) retaliation and/or an act of vengeance
  16. reprobate
    • (n.) a degenerate;
    • (n.) a depraved person
  17. resplendent
    (adj.) brilliantly shining and gleaming
  18. retaliate
    • (v.) to revenge a wrong;
    • (v.) to counterattack
  19. revelry
    • (n.) festivities and celebrations;
    • (n.) partying
  20. reverberate
    • (v.) to echo, resound;
    • (v.) to ring
  21. rigor
    (n.) strictness or severity in temperament or action
  22. robust
    (adj.) strong, healthy and hearty in physical condition
  23. rococo
    (adj.) ornate, decorative
  24. ruddy
    (adj.) reddish or rosy
  25. rustic
    (adj.) rural, country; pastoral
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