GRE Words (S)

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  1. sacrilegious
    (adj.) expressing of irreverence toward what is held sacred
  2. sagacious
    (adj.) showing keen discernment and exemplary judgment
  3. salient
    (adj.) prominent, markedly conspicuous
  4. salubrious
    (adj.) favorable to and fostering of body and/or mind health
  5. salutary
    (adj.) beneficial, constructive
  6. sangfroid
    (n.) coolness and composure, especially amidst trying and challenging circumstances
  7. sanguine
    (adj.) confident and optimistic, upbeat
  8. sardonic
    (adj.) characterized by a scornful and derisive attitude or nature
  9. satiate
    • (v.) to supply in excess,
    • (v.) to more than fully satisfy
    • ( I SAT & ATE till I was full)
  10. scrupulous
    (adj.) characterized by a conscientious and meticulous nature
  11. seethe
    • (v.) to churn, boil;
    • (v.) to fume or boil with rage;
    • (v.) to teem, swarm
  12. sequester
    • (v.) to remove or withdraw into solitude;
    • (v.) to remove or separate
  13. serrated
    (adj.) possessing a jagged or saw-like edge
  14. shoal
    • (n.) a place in which a body of water is shallow; any large number of people or things
    • (v.) to cause to become shallow
  15. simulate
    (v.) to create a model, representation or recreation of
  16. skeptic
    (n.) one characterized by a cynical and doubting nature
  17. skimp
    (v.) to sparingly withhold
  18. slander
    (n.) defamation; words falsely spoken that damage someone's reputation
  19. sloth
    (n.) laziness and apathy, a disinclination toward work
  20. slough
    • (n.) the out layer of the skin;
    • (v.) to shed or cast off
  21. smattering
    (n.) a superficial knowledge of something
  22. somatic
    (adj.) of or related to the body, physical
  23. sophomoric
    (adj.) immature or overconfident and conceited
  24. spate:
    (n.) a sudden outpouring or overwhelm
  25. specious
    (adj.) false, bogus
  26. squalid
    • (adj.) unclean to the degree of filth;
    • (adj.) seedy or immoral
  27. squander
    (v.) to waste or throw away
  28. stalemate
    (n.) a situation in which further action is obstructed and not possible
  29. stigma
    • (n.) a mark or token of infamy;
    • (n.) disgrace and dishonor
  30. stipend
    (n.) a periodic payment or schedule of fixed pay
  31. stupor:
    (n.) a daze or state of unconsciousness
  32. stymie
    (v.) to present an obstacle, to stand in the way of
  33. subversive
    (adj.) undermining; dissident or rebellious, particularly against an established authority or government
  34. succinct
    (adj.) brief, concise and to the point
  35. sully
    • (v.) to smear and dishonor;
    • (v.) to pollute or contaminate
  36. sumptuous
    • (adj.) luxurious and costly,
    • (adj.) extravagant
  37. supersede
    (v.) to replace in power or authority; to surpass
  38. surmise
    (v.) to infer or guess without conclusive evidence
  39. surreptitious
    (adj.) sly, sneaky and covert
  40. swathe
    • (v.) to wrap or enfold;
    • (n.) a strip, ribbon or band
  41. swelter
    (v.) to suffer from excessive and overbearing heat
  42. symmetry
    (n.) balance and proportion
  43. synchronous
    (adj.) occurring at the same time, simultaneous
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