GRE Words(T)

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  1. taciturn
    (adj.) characterized by a reserved and quiet nature, uncommunicative
  2. tactile
    (adj.) tangible and concrete
  3. tantalize
    • (v.) to torment and/or torture ;
    • (v.) to excite or entice
  4. tantamount
    (adj.) equivalent in value and/or force
  5. taut
    • (adj.) tight, rigid and staff;
    • (adj.) tense, worried
  6. tedium
    (n.) the quality or state of being worrisome
  7. temporal
    • (adj.) chronological and sequential;
    • (adj.) earthly and secular
  8. tenebrous
    (adj.) dark or gloomy
  9. tenet
    (n.) an opinion, principle or doctrine
  10. tepid
    (adj.) lukewarm, halfhearted; moderate
  11. terrestrial
    (adj.) earthly and worldly
  12. testy
    (adj.) bad-tempered, crotchety, touchy
  13. throes
    • (n.) a violent spasm or pain;
    • (n.) a condition of agonizing struggle
  14. timidity
    • (adj.) lacking in self-assurance or courage;
    • (n.) nervousness and apprehensiveness
  15. timorous
    (adj.) fearful
  16. titillate
    • (v.) to excite or arouse;
    • (v.) to tickle by lightly stroking
  17. tome:
    (v.) a book or volume
  18. toxic
    (adj.) of or relating to a poisonous and potentially lethal nature
  19. translucent
    • (adj.) transparent;
    • (adj.) easily understood
  20. travail
    (n.) a painfully difficult and burdensome work
  21. trek
    • (v.) to make a slow and steady journey;
    • (n.) a hike or walk
  22. trepidation
    (n.) fear, apprehension; disquiet
  23. troth
    • (n.) faithfulness and fidelity;
    • (n.) truth or verity
  24. truncate
    • (adj.) terminating abruptly by having an end or cut off point;
    • (v.) to approximate by ignoring all terms aside from an elect one; to shorten or abbreviate
  25. turbid
    • (adj.) muddy due to sediment or foreign particles;
    • (adj.) heavy, dark or dense;
    • (adj.) in a state of turmoil
  26. turpitude
    • (n.) vile and baseless depravity;
    • (n.) a base act
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