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  1. What are cognitive skills…Define?
    Cognitive skills relate to the mental processes of perception, memory, judgement, and reasoning. Judgement, concept formation, attention/concentration, thought, executive functions, praxis, insight
  2. Learning styles…is age a factor?
    Adults come to each learning experience with an integration of all learned experiences.Negative and positive learning experiences transfer to new learning experiences.
  3. What are external and internal forces that impact occupation?
    • External: Environment, other people, adaptions, equipment
    • Internal: stuff that is going on inside a person, desires, motivations, genetic make-up
  4. Be able to list the benefits of group treatment-1
    • Social participation: friends, like conditions
    • Learning from/ through peers
    • Interpersonal learning
    • Learn different ways of doing something
    • Fun, entertainment
  5. Be able to list the benefits of group treatment-2
    • Finances-less costly
    • Getting OT in the community and schools
    • Manage mental health issues
    • Experiential learning—learning form your personal experiences, awareness of interpersonal relationships/ social skills
  6. Be able to list the benefits of group treatment-3
    • Cohesiveness- feeling of belonging
    • Learn something new in a safe environment
    • Improve skills
    • Learning something from a different perspective
  7. Define purposeful activity
    An activity that adds meaning to the client
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