Ch. 10 Being a Member of the Adolescent Subculture: Activities and Interactions with Peers

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  1. What is the adolescent society?
    the adolescent social system
  2. What is the adolescent culture?
    sum of the ways that adolescents behave
  3. What is the adolescent subculture?
    values and way of life that are contrary to those found in adult society
  4. What are subsystems?
    smaller segments of adolescent society within the larger social system
  5. What are cliques?
    relatively small, tightly knit groups of friends that spend a lot or even all of their time together
  6. What are liaisons?
    individuals who have friends from several cliques but belong to none
  7. What are crowds?
    loose associations of cliques that usually meet on weekends
  8. What are flappers?
    teenage girls in the later 1910s-1920s who dated, wore short skirts, and drank alcohol
  9. What are hippies?
    youth in the late 1960s who held pro-drug, pacifistic, anti-materialistic values
  10. What is bullying?
    repetitive, unprovoked aggression against another
  11. What is attachment?
    the early emotional bond formed between child and parent
  12. What is sociometric popularity?
    a measure of how many friends you have, how many people like you
  13. What is perceived popularity?
    a measure of your social dominance and status
  14. What is relational aggression?
    using your friends to help hurt another socially
  15. What is reputational aggression?
    spreading rumors or doing other actions to hurt another's reputation
  16. What is autosociality?
    the period during which a child plays alongside other children, not with them
  17. What is homosociality?
    the period during which children prefer the company of those of the same sex
  18. What is heterosociality?
    the period during which adolescents and adults enjoy the company of both sexes
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