Industry safety test 2

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  1. What kills the majority of people caught in a fire?
  2. Class B fire is _____
    Flammable liquid and gasses
  3. Class C fire is _____
  4. Class A fire is _____
    Solid materials (wood, paper, plastic, etc)
  5. Explain why water cannot be used to fight fire on a substance that is lighter than water.
    Water floats the burning fuel and spreads it.
  6. Most common fire extinguishant because low cost and effective.
  7. Suppress fires by cooling, blanketing, and sealing off the burning fuel from the atmosphere.
  8. Most common gas extinguishant is ____
    Carbon dioxide
  9. (T/F) All portable fire extinguishers are filled with the same firefighting material.
  10. Three ways boilers are protected from over pressurization are by:
    Pressure release valves, Fusible plugs, and Low water shutoff devices.
  11. The weakest point on a compressed air or nitrogen cylinder is the:
    Cylinder valve
  12. A ______ is a deliberate weak area of a building wall that releases pressure through that panel rather than allow a whole building to explode.
    Blowout panel
  13. ___________ is caused by a sudden stoppage of liquid flow that creates a lot of pressure.
    Water hammer
  14. (T/F) Draining an unvented storage tank may collapse the tank.
  15. A gallon of water converted to steam would occupy ______ times the space.
  16. Explain why steam is commonly used as an inert gas for purging vessels and lines.
    Not combustible and does not support combustion
  17. (T/F) Steam is combustible.
  18. (T/F) A stream of high pressure gas can cut like a knife blade.
  19. _______ means connecting two objects together with metal.
  20. _____ consists of connecting an object to the earth with a metal rod driven into the earth.
  21. The unit of measurement for the level of sound is the _____
  22. The maximum level of sound that a human can tolerate without experiencing pain is:
    140 dBA
  23. The maximum decibel level considered for continuous exposure over eight-hourdays without protection is:
    90 dBA
  24. (Choose three) Exposure to excessive noise can lead to:
    Increased blood pressure, Constriction of heart vessels, and heart disease
  25. List three types of hearing protection devices.
    plugs, foam plugs, muffs, and active hearing devices
  26. Hearing protection training is required every _______ years.
  27. Two effects of vibration on personnel are:
    Arthritis and bursitis
  28. As sweat (water) evaporates it carries away ______ , which removes large amounts of heat.
    latent heat
  29. The body must replace _____ and _____ to prevent heat stress or sickness.
    water, electrolytes
  30. Three symptoms of heat stroke are:
    (1) hot, dry, mottled skin, (2) confusion and/or convulsions, and(3) loss of consciousness.
  31. (T/F) Heat stroke can be fatal.
  32. (T/F) Heat exhaustion is caused by prolonged exertion in a hot environment and a failure to replace water and/or electrolytes.
  33. Three important functions of the skin are ______, ________ , and ______ .
    • • Protection of body tissue
    • • Sensation
    • • Secretion
    • • Excretion
    • • Respiration
  34. Explain why burns can be very dangerous,
    they disrupt the normal functioning of the skin
  35. Chemical burns are like thermal burns because they _____.
    destroy body tissues
  36. Describe first aid for a chemical burn.
    Wash off the chemical by flooding the areas with water
  37. (T/F) Over a 20-30 year career, a process technician may collect thousands of samples.
    false, they will collect hundreds of thousands
  38. Three reasons technicians must use a gas detector on their process unit are:
    • a. Check for combustible levels of hydrocarbons
    • b. Check for oxygen levels
    • c. Detect the presence of toxic levels of gases
  39. Repeated exposure to minute quantities of hazardous chemicals that cause no acute health effects but may cause chronic health effects is called______.
  40. A ______ is left in a sample container as a safeguard against thermal expansion of the container.
    Vapor space
  41. An ______ is the lowest percentage of a substance in air which will burn or explode when ignited.
    Lower explosion limit
  42. Two atmospheres LEL meters should not be used in are:
    Highly humid and Oxygen deficit.
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