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  1. The planets never travel in a straight line as they orbit the Sun. According to Newton's second law of motion, this must mean that _______
    a force is acting on the planets
  2. Which of the following scenarios involves energy that we would typically calculate with Einstein's formula E = mc2?
    A small amount of the hydrogen in a nuclear bomb becomes energy as fusion converts the hydrogen to helium.
  3. Newton showed that Kepler's laws are ________.
    natural consequences of the law of universal gravitation
  4. When space probe Voyager 2 passed by Saturn, its speed increased (but not due to firing its engines). What must have happened?
    Saturn must have lost a very tiny bit of its orbital energy.
  5. The energy attributed to an object by virtue of its motion is known as ________.
    kinetic energy
  6. What is the difference between a bound orbit and an unbound orbit around the Sun?
    An object on a bound orbit follows the same path around the Sun over and over, while an object on an unbound orbit approaches the Sun just once and then never returns.

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