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  1. The common denominator in the hemoglobinopathies is that all are?
    inherited, or genetic defect related to hemoglobin
  2. hemoglobinopathies can be classified as?
    • abnormal hemoglobin globulin structure
    • a defect of hemoglobin globulin synthesis
    • a combination of defects of both structure and synthesis
  3. in a hemoglobinopathies a trait is described as?
    heterozygous and asymptomatic
  4. in sickle cell anemia the cause is?
    • a change of a single nucleotide ( GAT to GTT)
    • a substitution of veline for glutamic acid at the 6th position on the beta chain of the hemoglobin molecule.
  5. In the sickle cell disease the abnormality is related to?
    an abnormal molecular structure of hemoglobin
  6. one of the most common MONOGENIC diseases of man is ?
    sickle cell anemia.
  7. if a patient with sickle cell anemia is in an acute crisis state, peripheral blood smears may exib
  8. what estimated percentage of black Americans are heterozygous for Hd S?
  9. What factors contribute to the sickling of erythrocytes in sickle cell anemia crisis?
    • extremely reduced oxygen
    • increased acidity in the blood.
  10. the most common complained associated with sickle cell anemia is?
    Acute pain
  11. What is the primary risk to thalassemia major patients w ho receive frequent  and multiple blood transfusions?
    Iron overload
  12. the peripheral blood smear in silent state patients with alpha-thalassemia typically appears as ?
    • normochromic
    • normocytic
  13. Southeast Asia is highest in incidence of?
    Hb E Hemoglobinopathy
  14. Normal adult hemoglobin contains the following components:
    Hb A (95% to 98%),
    Hb A2 (2% to 3%),
    Hb A1(3% to 6%), and
    Hb F (<1%).
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