Research Exam 3

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  1. larger variables you have
    the bigger the sample size should be
  2. Types of Quantitative Studies
    • number of variables
    • measurement sensitivity
    • data analysis techniques
  3. measurement senstivity
    • language you don't know 
    • measurement sensitivity is low
  4. more advanced the technique
    the larger sample size you need
  5. n-30: sample size
    minimum in quantitative research
  6. Experimental Studies
    Random Assignment: intervention A and B to measure outcomes
  7. experimental studies example
    pressure ulcers: test different in wound development to see if significant
  8. If you can't randomly assign subjects to intervention A or B
    can't do experimental design,

    so choose quasi experimental
  9. Anything to affects A or B
    extraneous variable
  10. Variable A to B
    directionality problem
  11. comparison group recieves:
    • no intervention at all
    • a placebo intervention 
    • a usual care intervention
    • a different intervention
    • same intervention but of different
  12. Statistical perspective
    • Basic concepts:
    • T test : p Value

    confidence intervals
  13. t test
    test the different between 2 means
  14. anova
    tests the difference between 3 or more
  15. chi-square
    tests the difference with nominal and ordinal level data
  16. chi-square is
  17. p<0.05
    significant difference
  18. p>0.05
    not a greater difference
  19. p less than
    difference likely in the population; reality
  20. p greater than
    no difference likely in population
  21. p less
    means truly differnet
  22. p greater
    means are expected
  23. stat. vs. clinical significance
    are different
  24. clinical significance
    • every study from the beginning 
    • research question has significance
  25. disease that happens once in 1000 cases 
    but it happens personally to yourself..
    clinical significance!
  26. Absolute benefit improvement and numbers needed to treat
    treatment effect measures
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