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  1. the granulocyte cells that are believed to descend from a common multipotential stem cell in a bone marrow are?
    • Neutrophils
    • eosinophils
  2. the type of granulocytic lymphocytes found in the proliferative compartment of the bone marrow are?
    • myeloblasts
    • promyelocyte
    • myelocytes
    • metamyelocytes
  3. marginating granulocytes in the peripheral blood can be found ?
    adhering to the vascular endothelium
  4. Phagocytosis is the major function of?
    neutrophilic granulocytes
  5. the half life of circulating granulocytes in normal blood is estimated to be?
    7-10 hours
  6. Prominent primary granules that are rich in myeloperoxidase and chloroacetate esterase and has diameter of 14-20 μm is?
  7. A leukocyte with the morphological characteristics of being the largest normal mature leukocyte in the peripheral blood and having a convoluted or twisted nucleus is the?
  8. The reference range of PMN neutrophil count in adults is?
  9. The principal leukocyte type involved in phagocytosis is the?
  10. The mononuclear phagocyte system consists of reticular cells. These cells can be found in the
    • Connective tissue
    • Lymph nodes
    • Spleen
  11. The immediate precursor of the macrophage is?
  12. The correct sequence(s) of events in successful phagocytosis is (are)?
    chemotaxis, opsonization, phagosome formation,and the action of antibacterial substances
  13. The major function of eosinophils is?
    destruction of protozoa
  14. Monocytes are capable of?
    • phagocytosis
    • synthesis of biologically important compounds. assuming a killer role
  15. The hematology tests that are useful in the early diagnosis of acute inflammation are ?
    • total leukocyte count and white blood cell differential count
    • ESR and absolute neutrophil cell count
  16. The total leukocyte count can be increased in certain states. Select the conditions when this is not true.
    Use of immunosuppressive agents
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