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  1. principal photography
    actual shooting
  2. virtual location
    CGI, start with blue/green screen, chroma key or silver screen with tiny glass beads
  3. CCD
    3 chip cameras separates red green blue
  4. more sophisticated ccd sensors
    complementary metal oxide semiconductor
  5. HD
    720p or 1080i
  6. 24p
    looks like film, few NLE can work with 24p and 30p
  7. most projects should be finished in
    HD with a 24p, 16:9 master
  8. most prominent cameras in digital cinematography
    arri's arriflex d-30, dalsa origin, GS Vitec noX, Panavision's Genesis and varicam, Panasonic's GH2
  9. visible time code
    vizcode, footage rendered with TC displayed on screen, matches matching time code
  10. rough cut
    paper cut
  11. set time code on a studio multicamera shoot
    all cameras are linked to house TC generator with TOD
  12. set time code on a single camera shoot
    internal tc generator can be set inside camera
  13. objective perspective
    viewpoint of unseen narrator who is an onlooker, wider distant shot or two shot
  14. subjective perspective
    tells story from characters pov, closer OTS
  15. composition
    relationship of objects to each other in the frame or to shape of subject being effect with colors and lighting is mise-en-scene
  16. the height of the cameras position determines
    viewpoint of character and gives viewer theme and direction
  17. dutch or canted angle
    reality shows, camera is rotated so image looks like its on an angle
  18. expanding the time frame
    still camera for a few beats, possibly with off screen sound effects
  19. hard light
    sun, incandescent, ellipsoidal, and quartz
  20. soft light
    diffused. effects are enhanced with scrims, strips, scoops and banks
  21. the most powerful and brightest light
    daylight, blue tone
  22. artificial/indoor lighting
    considered cold, reddish-yellow cast
  23. reflectors/bounce cards
    adjust lights
  24. silks
    squares of translucent material can be hung to filter sunlight
  25. neutral density
    light filtering paper gel on windows
  26. stay away from colors
    stripes, red, white, blues and greens
  27. slates
    clapboard, smart slate matches time code with audio
  28. single
    shot of one actor in close up medium or wide shot, pay attention to eye line
  29. insert
    a shot, usually a close up that reveals an important and relevant detail
  30. vital to have on set
    video monitor
  31. cover shots
    additional footage to cover up potential missing shots
  32. four major elements in audio
    microphone, acoustics of location, audio recording formats, perspective of audio
  33. directional mic
    aimed at subject, cardioid mic for dialogue, no background noise
  34. shotgun mic
    on camera, boom, or pistol grip rig, up to five feet away for clean audio
  35. lavalier
    hard wired or wireless
  36. omnidirectional mic
    dialogue and background for man on the street
  37. prop mic
    mic dressed in prop
  38. in shooting most video formats, the audio goes through a
    single system
  39. single system
    sound is recorded directly onto the memory card, hard drive or other storage mechanism
  40. in case of multicamera shoot
    single system, audio is fed directly to single recording device
  41. production sound
    audio recorded during production, dialogue, ambient, background
  42. most popular digital audio recording formats
    MP3 24 bit records that record on to Secure Digital cards and can export via USB ports into the computer
  43. set the audio at
    -12dB or -20dB to not let the meter go over zero
  44. challenges of sound
    obstructions, boom, lights, appliances, motors, weather, nature, batteries
  45. record sound effects and ambience
  46. audio log
    sound report, details needed to audio mix in post, such as reel number with time code numbers, scene number and take number
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