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  1. My name means: "father of a crown" Who am I?
    Abraham {IT- vol#1 pg. 28}
  2. My name means: "Princess" Who am I?
    Sarah {IT- vol#2 pg. 862}
  3. Following the incident regarding Noah's drunkenness, I came under Noah's prophetic curse foretelling that I would become the slave of both Shem & Ja'pheth. Who am I?
    Ca'naan (Genesis 9:20- 27)
  4. I am the King of Salem & Priest of Jehovah. Who am I?
    Mel.chiz'e.dek (Genesis 14:17, 18)
  5. I was the founder of those who dwell in tents & have livestock. Who am I?
    Ja'bal (Genesis 4:23, 24)
  6. I became founder of all those who handle the harp & the pipe. Who am I?
    Ju'bal (Genesis 4:21)
  7. I became a forger of every sort of tool of copper & iron. Who am I?
    Tu'bal-cain (Genesis 4:22)
  8. I declared: "Hear my voice, you wives of ______; Give ear to my saying: A man I have killed for wounding me, Yes, a young man for striking me. If 7 times Cain is to be avenged, Then ______ 77 times!" Who am I?
    La'mech (Genesis 4:23, 24)
  9. My name means: "Laughter" Who am I?
    Isaac {IT- vol#1 pg. 1216
  10. i am the King of Ge'rar, who attempted to take Sar'ai as a wife. Who am I?
    A.bim'e.lech (Genesis 4:1- 20)
  11. I am a wife of La'mech and the mother of Ja'bal & Ju'bal. Who am I?
  12. I committed the first murder recorded in human history. Who am I?
    Cain (Genesis 4:1- 16)
  13. I am a mighty hunter in opposition to Jehovah. Who am I?
    Nim'rod (Genesis 10:8, 9)
  14. I am Ham's son who is considered to be the principal progenitor of the dark-complexion branch of the human family. Who am I?
    Cush {IT- vol#1 pg. 558 para. 2; under CUSH}
  15. I am the concubine of Abraham who produced his first Son. Who am I? What nationality am I?
    Ha'gar; Egyptian {IT- vol#1 pg. 1017; under HA'GAR}
  16. We are the three brothers who helped Abraham defeat'mer & his allies to rescue Lot & his family. Who are we?
    A'ner, Esh'col, & Mam're (Genesis 14:1- 24)
  17. I sold my birthright for a bowl of stew. Who am I?
    E'sau (Genesis 25:27- 34)
  18. Abraham married me after Sarah had died. Who am I?
    Ke.tu'rah (Genesis 25:1)
  19. My name means: "Supplanter; One Seizing the Heel" Who am I?
    Jacob {IT- vol#1 pg. 1242}
  20. I changed Jacob's wages ten times. Who am I?
    La'ban (Genesis 31:36- 42)
  21. I bore Jacob most of his children. Who am I?
  22. I am the father of both Re.bek'ah & La'ban. Who am I?
    Be.thu'el (Genesis 22:23; 24:15, 24, 29)
  23. I gave birth to the first twins recorded in the scriptures. Who am I?
    Re.bek'ah (Genesis 25:19- 26)
  24. I am the father of the tribe of Israel that Jehovah would produce the promised seed through. Who am I?
  25. Sometime after Joseph was sold to Ishmaelite merchants, Ju'dah left his brothers and took up tenting near me. Who am I?
    Hi'ram the A.dul'lam.ite (Genesis 38:1)
  26. I am the Army Chief of Philistine King A.bim'e.lech. Who am I?
    Phi'col (Genesis 21:22)
  27. After 12 years of servitude, 5 kings near the Dead Sea rebelled against me. Myself & three allies defeated them. I also captured Lot & his family. Who am I?'mer (Genesis 14:1- 17)
  28. Upon leaving Pad'dan-a'ram with my family, I stole the teraphim statues that belonged to my father. Who am I?
    Ra'chel (Genesis 31:19)
  29. I am the first son of Abraham. Who am I?
    Ish'ma.el (Genesis 16:1- 4, 11- 16)
  30. I saw my father's nakedness & told my brothers, instead, of showing my father the proper respect. Who am I?
    Ham (Genesis 9:20- 27)
  31. My name means: "Mankind" Who am I?
    Adam {IT- vol#1 pg. 44}
  32. I was the first person in the Bible to use God's personal name, Jehovah. Who am I?
    Eve {IT- vol#1 pg. 772; under the topic, Was Eve correct in saying that she produced her son Cain "with the aid of Jehovah?"}
  33. I am the King of Shi'nar. I am an ally of'mer. We defeated 5 kingdoms who rebelled against us. Who am I?
    Am'ra-phel (Genesis 14:1)
  34. I sold my field to Abraham, so he could bury his dead. Who am I?
    E'phron the Hit'tite (Genesis 23:1- 20)
  35. We were "those who caused others to fall down." We were Giant. The mighty ones of old, the men of fame. Who are we?
    the Neph'i.lim (Genesis 6:4)
  36. I married Lot's sister, Mil'cah. I'm also the brother of Abraham. Hence, I married my niece. Who am I?
    Na'hor (Genesis 11:27, 29)
  37. I am the King of Goi'im. I am an ally of'mer the Elamite King. We and two other monarchs subjugated 5 kings near the Dead Sea. Who am I?
    Ti'dal {IT- vol#2 pg. 1100}
  38. I am King of El'la.sar. In league with'mer & two other kings I shared in crushing a rebellion of Sodom, Gomorrah, & their allies. Who am I?
    Ar'i.och {IT- vol#1 pg. 163}
  39. After Abraham defeated'mer & his allies at Low Plain of Sid'dim and rescued Lot, his family, & the goods. I offered to let him keep the goods but, he declined. Who am I?
    Be'ra, the King of Sodom {IT- vol#1 pg. 290}
  40. As a result of incestuous immorality with my father's concubine, Bil'hah, I was disqualified from receiving the right as firstborn. Who am I?
    Reuben (Genesis 49:3, 4) {IT- vol#2 pg. 795 para. 3- 5}
  41. Myself & Levi brought ostracism on my father's house by slaughtering the She'chemites for dishonoring our sister. Who am I?
    Simeon (Genesis 34:1- 31) {IT- vol#2 pg. 944 para. 2}
  42. I took drastic actions against those who defiled my sister, Di'nah. As a result of my violet anger I was cursed by Jacob, who foretold that my descendants would be scattered in Israel. Who am I?
    Le'vi (Genesis 34:25, 26, 31; 49:7) {IT- vol#2 pg. 240 para. 2}
  43. My name means: "Judge" Who am I?
    Dan (Genesis 30:6) {IT- vol#1 pg. 573}
  44. My name means: "My Wrestlings" Jacob's blessing to me was, "________ is a slender hind. He is giving words of elegance." Who am I?
    Naph' (Genesis 49:21) {IT- vol#2 pg. 469 para. 2}
  45. My mother viewed me as a reward from Jehovah or wages paid, for having allowed a maidservant to bear sons by her husband during a period when she was barren. Who am I?
    Is'sa.char {IT- vol#1 pg. 1234}
  46. I am one of the 12 sons of Israel. In the wilderness, my tribe was camped on the Eastside of the tabernacle. My tribe is noted for producing outstanding warrior. Who am I?
    Zeb'u.lun {IT- vol#2 pg. 1222}
  47. My name means: "Happy, Happiness" My territory stretched along the Mediterranean Coastal Plains. It is fertile land, that would provide food fit for kings. Who am I?
    Ash'er {IT- vol#1 pg. 190}
  48. I am one of the 12 sons of Israel. My tribe raised livestock so, we requested territory for raising cattle East of the Jordan River. That land left us open for marauders but, we would raid them. Just like my father prophecied. Who am I?
    Gad (Genesis 49:19) {IT- vol#1 pg. 876}
  49. I am a son of Jacob. I received the right as firstborn. Who am I?
    Joseph (1 Chronicles 5:1)
  50. My city was located in the "Low Plain of Siddim" inhabited by Ca'naan.ites. Along with neighboring kingdoms we rebelled against four eastern kings. My name comes from the Akkadian language meaning "Sin [the moon-god] Is His Father. Who am I? What kingdom did I rule?
    Shi'nab; He was King of Ad'mah {IT- vol#1 pg. 48 ADMAH; IT- vol#2 pg. 932 SHINAB
  51. My land was located among "the cities of the District" that formed the boundary of Ca'naan.ite territory. The city was destroyed when Jehovah bought fire & sulfur from Heaven. I am was the King of Ze.boi'im. Who am I?
    Shem.e'ber (Genesis 14:1)
  52. I was the King of Gomorrah during the time of Abraham. Who am I?
    Bir'sha (Genesis 14:1)
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