rtvf 74 chapter 9

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  1. the post production supervisor keeps track of
    footage, visual images, audio elements
  2. save money in post by
    organizing reels and location logs, screen and log footage, organize editing elements like footage, write a paper cut for edit session
  3. label reel
    reel number, location, date, audio tracks, camera
  4. reel log
    where producer keeps track of footage thats been shot
  5. film to file process
    film to nle
  6. us public domain
    footage shot by almost any agency of government using taxpayers money, national archives, library of congress, smithsonian, nasa. costs for duplication
  7. paper cut
    shooting script with selects, lists time code, locations and discriptions
  8. transfer footage with
    matching time code
  9. 80/20 paper cut
    details for 80% of key scenes, cutaways, sequence. 20% leeway for editor to make creative choices
  10. poorest quality picture
  11. nondrop frame
    0.3 frame discrepancy, 29.97fps, 3.6 extra seconds in one hour show, easier for editor to work with graphics and match edits because every frame has number
  12. drop frame
    show's timings are real time, exactly 60 minutes
  13. steps in editing
    download and store footage, make first rough cut, mix rough audio
  14. firewire
    Apple, IEEE-1394, data transer, codec, lossless
  15. read by you for radio edit
    scratch track
  16. edit decision list
    editor makes, exact notes of all reel numbers, time codes, cuts and transitions in rough cut, then editor conforms rough cut by matching original footage in high rez using EDL
  17. conform
    online finishing stage, adds graphics, color corrections. going offline to online.
  18. editing HDTV
    1. need to downconvert footage? convert HD to NTSC for NLE (video changes from 23.98fps to 59.94 and tc changes from 24 to 30 frames) 2. mark each reel and digitize to NLE 3. import animation, graphics, CGI 4. export an EDL to online editing facility 5. online editor assembles show using EDL info
  19. parallel editing
    two separate yet related events appear to be happening at the same time, as editor intercuts sequences
  20. montage editing
    suggests specific theme in minimal screen time
  21. seamless editing
    many dramas, some sitcoms, longer takes, match cuts, bridge between scenes
  22. quick cut editing
    for youth, fast cuts, jump cuts
  23. compressed time
    condensing long periods of times with long dissolves or fades
  24. simultaneous time
    parallel editing or cross cutting
  25. compositing
    two or more images are combined, layered or superimposed in composite plug in process
  26. rotoscoping
    frame by frame manipulation of an image, adding or removing graphic component like zit
  27. sound designer works with two contrasting qualities of sound
    direct and studio
  28. spotting session
    producer and audio crew in audio mix session reviewing each area that needs music and effects for drama or comedy
  29. mixing sound
  30. DAW
    digital audio workstation, multitrack digital storage system, pro tools
  31. digital multitracks
    multitrack digital storage system, DASH 3324
  32. analog multitracks
    24 track Dolby SR or A
  33. when everyones satisfied with audio, track is ready for a
    lay-back where the final audio mix track is married to the picture using TC. then delivered in stereo, mono, 5.1 or all
  34. automatic dialogue replacement
    dubbed dialogue, often a loop group of people is brought into an ADR session to create crowd sounds.
  35. walla
    intentionally unintelligible so audible words wont intrude on dialogue
  36. foley
    sounds of actors movements, hands, clothes, footsteps
  37. music cue sheet
    lists every piece of music, source, length, rights
  38. diegetic
    characters in scene hear
  39. non diegetic
    not heard by characters
  40. sound bridge
    audio elements that act as transition between one shoot and next
  41. selective sound
    lowering some sounds in scene and raising others to help viewer focus on aspect
  42. overlapping dialogue
    overlapping people like in real life
  43. 5.1 audio
    AC3 or Dolby Digital, audio is synched and downcoverted to 29.97 for editing and transferred as open media format files to audio mix.
  44. common requirements for deliverables
    video format, audio format, length, dubbing, abridged (censored) version, subtitling, closed captioning,
  45. web codec formats
    MPEG-4, H.264, HTML 5, Quicktime, Flash
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