chem 122 Ch 12

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  1. 5 properties of gas:
    • 1) May be compressed
    • 2) Expand to fill container
    • 3) Low density
    • 4) May be mixed
    • 5) constant, uniform pressure on container walls
  2. The Kinetic-Molecular Theory (KMT) based on:
    the motion of gas particles.
  3. A gas that behaves exactly as outlined by KMT (Kinetic-molecule theory) is known as an
    ideal gas
  4. Jacques Charle's Law Image Upload
    VImage UploadT
  5. Robert Boyle's law Image Upload
    VImage Upload1/P
  6. Ideal Gas  Law formula
    PVImage UploadT
  7. combined gas law
    (PV)/TImage Uploadn
  8. Graham's Law Image Upload
    rate of effusionImage Upload1/Image Upload
  9. The state with the greates kinetic energy is
  10. The state with the least kinetic energy is
  11. phase change is defined as
    going from one physical state to another
  12. Sublimation is
    the process of going directly from the solid state to the vapor state without becoming a liquid
  13. Gas laws describe the physical states of a sample of gas and may involve 4 variables:
    pressure, volume, temperature, and moles.
  14. What does R stand for in PV=nRT
    Gas constant or ideal gas constant
  15. what's the number for the gas constant or ideal gas constant
  16. The heavier the molecule, the ____ it effuses
  17. The kenetic molecular theory  is
    a group of assumptions used to explain the bahavior and properties of gases.
  18. The escape of molecules from the liquid to gaseous state is called ____ _____ and is a function of ____ only.
    Vapor pressure, temperature
  19. The ratio of volumes of reacting gases or gases products will be in small whole numbers, according to ____
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