Rhetorical Terms 3

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  1. Satire
    a literary genre that uses irony, wit, and sometimes sarcasm to expose humanity's vicesĀ  and follies, giving impetus to change or reform through ridicule
  2. satirist
    a person who writes satire
  3. horatian
    gentle, sympathetic form of satire with subject mildly made fun of; the audience is asked to laugh at themselves as much as the players
  4. juvenalian
    harsh and bitter satire that denounces, sometimes with invective, human vice, and error in dignified and solemn tones
  5. situation irony
    when something happens as a result of or in reaction to something else in a way that is contrary to what would be expected or acceptable;
  6. verbal irony
    a method of expression, often sarcastic or humorous, in which the intended meaning of words is the opposite of their usual meaning
  7. Dramatic Irony
    reader knows something a character or characters do not
  8. Parody
    The satirist takes an existing work and makes it look ridiculous; not simply imitation: point out faults, emphasize weaknesses;
  9. caricature
    descriptive writing that greatly exaggerates a specific feature of a person's appearance or a facet of personality; used for comic effect or criticism
  10. Burlesque
    A composition which derives its humor from exaggerated imitation of a more serious work; a parody that ridicules a serious literary work by treating its solemn subject in an undignified style, or by applying its elevated style to a trivial subject
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