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  1. Is silence a therapetuic technique?
  2. give an example of "accepting"
    • "Um hmmm"
    • "I follow what you said."
    • "Nodding"
  3. Give an example of giving recognition
    • "Good Morning, Mr. S."
    • "You've tooled a leather wallet."
  4. give an example of offering self
    • "I'll stay here with you."
    • "I'm interested in your comfort."
  5. Give an exmple of giving broad opening
    • "What are you thinking about?"
    • "Where would you like to begin?"
  6. Give an example of Offering General Leads
    • "Go on."
    • "And then?"
    • "Tell me about it."
  7. give an eample of Placing the event in time or in sequence
    • "What seemed to lead up...?"
    • "Was this before or after...?"
    • "When did this happen?"
  8. Making Observations
    • "I think you appear tense because...?"
    • "Are you uncomfortable when you...?"
    • "I notice that you are biting your lips
  9. Encouraging Description of Perceptions
    • "What is happening?
    • "What does the voice seem to be saying?"
  10. giv an example of Encouraging Comparison
    "Was this something like...?""Have you had a similar experience?"
  11. give an example of Restating
    CLIENT: "I can't sleep." I stay awake all night.""You have difficulty sleeping"
  12. give an example of reflecting
    CLIENT: "My brother spends all the money and then has the nerve to ask for more."NURSE: "This causes you to feel angry...?
  13. givean example of focusing
    "This point seems worth looking at closely.
  14. give an example of exploring
    • "Tell me more about that."
    • "Would you describe....more fully?"
    • "What kind of work?"
  15. give an example of Giving Information
    • "My name is..."
    • "Visiting hours are..."
    • "My purpose in being here..."
  16. give an example of seeking clarification
    • "I'm not sure that I follow."
    • "What would you say is the main point of what you said?"
  17. Give an example of presenting reality
    • "I see no one else in the room."
    • "That sound was a car backfiring."
    • "Your mother is not here."
    • "I'm a nurse."
  18. give an example of Voicing Doubt
    • "Isn't that unusual?"
    • "Really?"
  19. Seeking Consensual Validation
    "Tell me whether my understanding of... agrees with yours?""Are you using this work to convey this idea?"
  20. give an example of Verbalizing the implied
    • CLIENT: "I can't talk to you or to anyone.
    • "NURSE: "Is it your feelings that no one understands?
    • "CLIENT: "My wife pushes me around just like my mother and sister did.
    • "NURSE: "Is it your impression that women are domineering?"
  21. Give an example of encouraging evaluation
    "What are your feelings in regard to...?"
  22. Give an example of attempting to translate into feelings
    • CLIENT: "I'm dead.
    • "NURSE: "Are you suggesting that you feel lifeless?"
  23. Give an example of suggestion collaboration
    "Perhaps you and I can discuss this and discover what produces your anxiety."
  24. Give n example of summarizing
    • "Have I got this straight?"
    • "During the past hour you and I have discussed..."
  25. Give an example of Encouraging Formulation of Plan of Action
    Next time this comes up, what might you do to handle it?"
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