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  1. Clonazepam:
    Klonopin. benzo. 0.5-2mg PO BID for panic disorder; 0.25-0.5mg BID-TID for anxiety
  2. Lorazepam:
    Ativan. benzo. 2-6mg/day divided BID-TID. PO/IM/IV
  3. Diazepam:
    Valium. benzo. 2-10mg PO BID-QID
  4. Alprazolam:
    Xanax. benzo. 0.25-0.5mg PO TID for anxiety. Panic disorder: IR: 0.5-3mg TID. ER: 3-6mg Qday
  5. Diazepam:
    Valium. 2-10mg PO BID-QID anxiety
  6. Citalopram:
    SSRI (Celexa) 20-40mg PO Qday
  7. Escitalopram:
    SSRI (Lexapro) 10mg PO Qday MDD, GAD. Max 20mg.
  8. Fluoxetine:
    SSRI (Prozac) MDD 20-80mg QAM; OCD 20-60mg; bulimia 60mg; panic disorder, PMDD 20mg; Bipolar depressive 20-50mg QPM
  9. Paroxetine:
    SSRI (Paxil, Paxil CR) (25-62.5mg ER [CR]); 20-50mg PO QAM; OCD, panic disorder 40mg; social anxiety disorder, GAD 20mg; PTSD 20-50mg; PMDD 12.5-25mg ER.
  10. Sertraline:
    SSRI (Zoloft) MDD, OCD, panic disorder, PTSD, social anxiety disorder 50-200mg PO Qday; PMDD 50-150mg Qday, luteal phase 50-100mg cycle days 15-28.
  11. Duloxetine:
    SNRI (Cymbalta) 60mg PO Qday for MDD, GAD, pain
  12. Venlafaxine, extended release:
    SNRI (Effexor XR) MDD 37.5-225mg IR; 75-225mg ER; Social anxiety disorder 75mg ER; GAD, panic disorder 75-225mg ER.
  13. Mirtazapine:
    Remeron (atypical antidepressant) 5HT2, alpha 2 adrenergic antagonism. 15-45mg Qhs. 7.5mg Qhs for insomnia
  14. Nefazodone:
    Serzone (atypical antidepressant) inhibits serotonin and norepinephrine uptake; antagonism of 5HT2 receptors. MDD 150-300mg PO BID
  15. Trazodone:
    (atypical antidepressant) 50-100mg PO BID-TID; antidepressant, sedative. 25-50mg PO Qhs for insomnia
  16. Amitriptyline:
    TCA (Elavil) 50-150mg PO Qhs depression
  17. Imipramine:
    TCA (Tofranil) 150-300mg PO Qhs depression
  18. Nortriptyline:
    TCA (Pamelor) 50-150mg PO Qhs depression
  19. Haloperidol:
    Haldol (FGA) acute agitation, delirium, acute mania; less sedating than other FGAs. 0.5-5mg PO BID-TID; can go up to 100mg Q1-4h for acute agitation
  20. Aripiprazole:
    Abilify (Maintena) (SGA). Partial agonism of D2 and 5HT1A; antagonist of 5HT2A (serotonin); resistant depression, bipolar. Least SEs. Schizophrenia 10-15mg PO Qday. Max dose 30mg. Maintena 400mg IM Qmonth
  21. Olanzapine/fluoxetine:
    SGA (Symbyax) 6 mg/25 mg; 1 capsule PO Qpm acute treatment resistant MDD and bipolar depressive
  22. Olanzapine:
    Zyprexa, Zyprexa Zydis (SGA). Domamine and serotonin antagonism. Schizophrenia 10mg PO Qday. Bipolar manic monotherapy 5-20mg Qday. Agitation 10mg IM. Bipolar depressive 5-12.5mg Qpm. Resistant depression 5-20mg Qpm.
  23. Quetiapine:
    Seroquel (SGA). D2 AND 5HT2 antagonism. Resistant depression. Schizophrenia 150-750mg PO Qday divided BID-TID. Mania 200-400mg BID. Bipolar acute depression 300mg Qhs.
  24. Ziprasidone:
    SGA (Geodon). D2 and 5HT2 antagonism. Schizophrenia 20mg PO BID. Bipolar 1 manic 40-80mg BID; Agitation 10mg IM Q2h prn.
  25. Risperidone:
    Risperdal (SGA) D2 and 5HT2 antagonism. Mania 1-6mg PO Qday divideded Qday-BID. Titrate up over 1 week.
  26. Lurasidone:
    Latuda (SGA) D2 antagonism; 5HT2 antagonist. Schizophrenia 40-160mg PO Qday. Bipolar 1 depressive 20-120mg Qday.
  27. Iloperidone:
    Fanapt (SGA): D2 and 5HT2A antagonism. Schizophrenia 6-12mg PO BID
  28. Asenapine:
    Saphris (SGA) D2 and 5HT2A antagonism. Schizophrenia acute 5mg SL BID; maintenance: 5-10mg SL BID. Bipolar 1 manic mono-therapy 10mg SL BID; with valproate or lithium 5-10mg SL BID
  29. Clozaril:
    Clonipine (SGA) resistant schizophrenia. Antagonism of D1 and D4, 5HT2 cholinergic and muscarinic receptors. 150-300mg PO BID. For suicide prevention 150-300mg BID
  30. Paliperidone palmitate:
    Invega sustenna (SGA) 39-234mg IM Qmonth for schizophrenia; 78-234mg IM Qmonth for schizoaffective disorder
  31. Buspirone:
    (Buspar) 20-30mg/day divided BID-TID
  32. Lamotrigine:
    (Lamictal) 200mg PO Qday bipolar monotherapy; 100mg with valproate
  33. Lithium:
    Bipolar maintenance, schizoaffective IR 900-1200mg/day PO divided TID-QID; ER divided BID-TID. Bipolar acute manic IR 1800mg/day divided TID; ER divided BID-TID.
  34. Hydroxyzine:
    Atarax. antihistamine, anticholinergic. Anxiety, insomnia 50-100mg PO Q6h prn.
  35. Benztropine:
    Cogentin. anticholinergic; helps correct imbalance between dopamine and acetylcholine; useful for tremor. Extrapyramidal sx 1-4mg PO/IM/IV QDay-BID
  36. Zolpidem:
    Ambien. 5mg females; 5-10mg males PO Qhs insomnia.
  37. Depakote:
    (divalproex sodium) bipolar disorder, acute/manic 250-500mg PO TID
  38. Buproprion:
    Wellbutrin (atypical antidepressant) inhibits neuronal uptake of norepinephrine and dopamine. SR 100 to 200 mg, twice daily; XL 150 to 450 mg

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