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  1. Number of Canadian provinces that border the Great Lakes
  2. In 1950 Pius XII was Pontifex Maximus; exactly 2,000 years earlier, this man held a title of the same name
    Julius Caesar
  3. The phrase "How I want a drink, alcoholic of course" is often used to help memorize this
  4. Equatorial Guinea is the only African nation whose offical language is this
  5. Anagram:Someone chatting about preserving natural resources is these 2 similar words, anagrams of each other
    Conversationalist , conservationalist
  6. On May 18, 1980 its height was reduced from 9,677 feet to 8,364 feet
    Mt St Helens
  7. Ironically, this 1953 science fiction book began appearing in a censored version in 1967
    Fahrenheit 451
  8. On August 6 & 7, 1961, Gherman Titov did this 17 times; the previous record was one
    Orbit the earth
  9. A Gospel & a book of the Old Testament each start with these same 3 words
    In the beginning
  10. This word comes from the Greek words for "light" & "writing"
  11. Of nations entirely within Europe, it was the largest in area in 1571 & 1771, not on the map in 1871, & No. 6 in 1971
  12. He was nominated for Best Actor 5 times in the 1950s, the most for any man in one decade
    Marlon Brando
  13. She began her company in 1946 with a skin cream her chemist uncle developed & pioneered the concept of "gift with purchase"
    Estee Lauder
  14. It was the first TV series to win the Hugo Award for best dramatic presentation
    Twilight Zone
  15. This continent has the lowest high point & the highest low point, less than a 7,500' difference
  16. This word meaning "complete range" comes from the 3rd Greek letter, which used to be the low end of the musical scale
  17. In 1994, after a 20-year absence, this country's delegation was allowed to be seated in the U.N. General Assembly
    South Africa
  18. 10 million people live in this country that is almost bisected by the second-longest river in Europe
  19. After watching smoke emitted by WWI airplanes, Major J.C. Savage developed the technique for this
  20. This one-word name is derived from the fact that the character used to sit among the ashes
  21. This work says, "Man is not truly one, but truly two... I learned to recognize the... primitive duality of man"
    Dr. Jekyll Mr. Hyde
  22. He was the only 20th century president who had previously served as U.S. House Minority Leader
  23. This 1942 film gained greater distinction following a January 1943 meeting of Allied leaders in its title location
  24. As the result of a merger in 1999, this company's trademarks include both a tiger & Pegasus
    Exxon Mobile
  25. Its name includes the county of which it's the seat & the state of which it's the capital
    Oklahoma City
  26. In the 56 years from 1948 to 2004, he appeared 48 times on the Gallup Poll's annual "Most Admired" lists
    Billy Graham
  27. Appropriately, this villainous movie character's name comes from the Dutch word for "father"
    Darth Vader
  28. This No. 1 hit from 1968 was part of a hit film's soundtrack & was originally written about Eleanor Roosevelt
    Mrs Robinson
  29. This word that has come to mean "sudden prosperity" means "good weather" in Spanish
  30. In 1839 the first of several wars broke out over the trade of an extract from a flower of this family
  31. In 1967 Dame Cicely Saunders founded St. Christopher's, the first modern one of these; in 2005 she died there
  32. Originally beardless, Uncle Sam got his chin whiskers from images depicting this real-life man
  33. Since 1776, it has been the only U.S. state to be the most populous state for more than a century
  34. The first prime minister of his country to be born in that land, he was assassinated in 1995
    Yitzak Rabin
  35. This word regarding infidelity came from a certain bird leaving its eggs in other nests to be raised
  36. In the 20th century, 2 of the 3 men who served less than 1 year as VP before becoming president
    Teddy R, Truman, Ford
  37. The word "toxic" comes from the ancient Greek for this weapon
    An arrow
  38. In food lore, the design of this treat symbolizes arms folded in prayer & the 3 holes stand for the Trinity
  39. Alphabetically, they're the first two state capitals named for presidents
    Jackson, Jefferson City
  40. On July 16, 1995 this company made its first sale, a science textbook
  41. 1 of 2 actors who have earned acting Academy Award nominations in the last 5 consecutive decades
    Jack Nicholson, Michael Cain
  42. Mines near Ticonderoga, New York were once the USA's principal source for this 8-letter mineral
  43. One Mongol tribe or army, it came to mean "a vast number" because the fierce Mongol warriors seemed so numerous
  44. The symbol of this element first isolated in 1783 comes from its German name
  45. "American Prometheus" is a biography of this physicist who died in 1967
    Robert Oppenheimer
  46. Congress has passed 2 laws named for this, defined as inciting rebellion: one in 1918 and one 120 years earlier
  47. Springs at Weston, Missouri provided water to wagon trains & McCormick's, now the USA's oldest continuously operating one of these
  48. If you dig straight through the Earth's center from Canton, Ohio you'll end up not in China but in this body of water
    Indian Ocean
  49. Lasting about a month, it's the battle for which the most marines earned the Medal of Honor
    Iwo Jima
  50. This word for one who hangs around the corridors of power refers back to the corridors themselves
  51. It's the only state that doesn't have an undergraduate university or university system named just for the state itself
  52. It was said that being with these 2 leaders, born 1874 & 1882, "was like sitting between 2 lions roaring at the same time"
    Churchill FDR
  53. From the name of a committee created by Gregory XV to spread the faith, it means info used to spread a belief
  54. 2 of 3 European Union member nations whose names are only one syllable in English
    France Greece Spain
  55. Originally housed in a boarding house & then in the Capitol, today it occupies 3 buildings named for presidents
    Library of Congress
  56. To date, he's the only person to be elected governor of 2 different states
    Sam Houston
  57. In 2003, 120 years after it made headlines, a book on this was subtitled "The Day the World Exploded"
  58. 2 of the 4 people who've had a Billboard No. 1 pop album & also won a regular acting Oscar
    Sinatra, Crosby, Streisand, Jamie Foxx
  59. Its state flag, based on a design from 1776, shows Virtue, dressed like an Amazon, triumphing over Tyranny
  60. Of the world's 10 largest islands, 3 belong all or in part to Indonesia & 3 belong to this country
  61. Of all the U.S. states with 2 current NFL teams, it?s the only state the Mississippi River touches
  62. The Variety headline when this couple married June 29, 1956 read, "Egghead Weds Hourglass"
    Arthur Miller Marilyn Monroe
  63. He announced to the American public, "The force from which the sun draws its power has been loosed..."
  64. Used to describe a response made without thinking, its physical counterpart can take 1/20 second
    Knee jerk
  65. To get the name of its country, add 2 letters to the end of this world capital city
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